May 22, 2017

A Letter From Tattle’s CEO: Our First Capital Raise

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Hi everyone,

I am thrilled to share the news of Tattle’s first capital raise!

I’d like to first extend my utmost gratitude to each of our partners who have been instrumental in our early successes and whose ongoing feedback continues to play a critical role in providing a superior customer experience management platform for leading hospitality brands. 

With over $1M in new funding from Alpine Meridian and hospitality focused investors, Tom Colicchio, Co-Founder of Crafted Hospitality & ‘witchcraft Founder as well as Bravo’s Top Chef, Scott Bullard, Luke’s Lobster Former Co-Owner as well as an Advisory Board consisting of hospitality technology Executives from Olo, ShopKeep, Resy, and SinglePlatform — we are ready to bring Tattle to the next level of its utility.

Impassioned by our mission to establish more meaningful relationships between our partners and their guests, our platform has proven that a mobile-first feedback approach outperforms all other channels with 10-50X greater feedback volume, ensures an unparalleled survey completion rate of 99.53%, and drives experiential responses where 93.93% of guest feedback comes within .3-miles of a business. 

We are extremely excited to leverage these deep insights to further enhance our data presentation with accompanying trend analytics, integration opportunities with digital ordering platforms and POS systems, and the correlation of guest sentiment with revenue as a predictive data point. While revenue is an echo of today, we believe feedback is an indicator for tomorrow’s performance. 

Thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to strengthening the relationships between you and your guests!  


Alex Beltrani