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Why Brands Love Tattle

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Root Cause Identification

Tattle uncovers the factors causing each problem, such as whether a low food quality rating is due to temperature, texture or flavor.

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POS/Loyalty Integration

Tattle integrates with ~30 ordering, POS and loyalty providers to boost your feedback volume with automated survey emails.

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Higher Growth Certainty

Tattle uses Machine Learning to predict how likely each action will increase revenue and satisfaction, so you can better prioritize.

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Hands-on Strategy Coaching

Our Customers Success team provides exclusive data insights and actionable recommendations to help you succeed.

Getting Started Within Days

Tattle dashboard setup during onboarding

Dashboard Setup

Upon receiving your logo, users and store information, our team will help you set up the dashboard so you’re off to the races in no time.

Tattle customer training

Training and Strategy

We will train your staff of different access levels on Tattle (super intuitive), and provide training materials as well as unlimited support.

Tattle insight reporting presentation to customers

Insights Reporting

Your Customer Success Manager will schedule regular checkins, and help you unlock the full potential of Tattle with in-depth insights reporting.