Smart Insights

Data-Driven Feedback That Helps Restaurant Brands Improve

Understand operations with real-time feedback

Access intuitive and customizable reports

Drive decisions with granular, actionable data

Dissect performance of units, operational categories, factors, channels, menu items, & more

Tattle Customer Experience Platform
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Trusted by 200+ brands and 20,000+ restaurant executives, DMs, and GMs nationwide.

Full Visibility

See Your Brand’s Performance In A Single Dashboard

Survey responses are funneled into the Tattle dashboard in real-time, resulting in a multi-faceted view of your guest experience and brand operations.

Access and customize your surveys, manage customer responses, keep track of operational performance, and improve locations with monthly goals all in one place.

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Customer Feedback Tool Tattle Smart Insights

Dissect Your Feedback

Pinpoint Problem Areas With Detailed Reporting & Analysis

Tattle breaks down operations using powerful reports and filters, allowing you to dissect any and all weaknesses.

Tattle users can filter feedback by a group of locations, an individual location, ordering channels, date ranges, dayparts, surveys, team members, menu items, and more.

Improve Your Brand

Drive Smart Decisions With Smart Feedback

Armed with actionable reporting and Tattle Objectives (The GM Playbook) — along with three disinct permission levels (for executives, DMs, and GMs) — everyone has access to high-quality, relevant data they can utilize to improve.

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Why Brands Love Tattle

Hidden Problems Uncovered

Tattle reveals the undelying factors causing each issue, such as whether a low food quality rating is due to temperature, texture, or flavor.

Higher Growth Certainty

Tattle uses Machine Learning to predict how likely each action will increase revenue and satisfaction, so you can better prioritize.

Hands-on Strategy Coaching

Our Customers Success team provides exclusive data insights and actionable recommendations to help you succeed.

Powerful Reports & Dashboard

There's a reason restaurant GMs log into Tattle on average 6 times a day — the reporting is specific, intuitive, and customizable.

25+ Integration Partners

The Tattle platform has numerous integration partners — from POS and ordering companies to kiosk and loyalty providers.

ROI Guaranteed

From tracking guest recovery to intercepting negative reviews, Tattle boosts your bottom-line and improves your brand reputation online.

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