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Guests are the backbone of every restaurant brand. It’s critical that you not only extract what they think about their experience with you, but that you then use that information to improve. Tattle does all this for you. Automatically.

  • Generate 2,000% feedback data on average.
  • Monitor and track data in a powerful and intuitive dashboard.
  • Integrate directly with top POS, ordering, and loyalty providers.
  • Discover exactly what operations needs to work on to improve overall satisfaction.

Case Study

How Roy Rogers Increased Customer Feedback Data By 3,051% With Tattle

Through Tattle’s proprietary Customer Experience Improvement platform, Roy Rogers has garnered a consistent, high-volume stream of customer feedback that has allowed them to greatly optimize the customer experience.

daniel reeds red's savoy ceo
daniel reeds red's savoy ceo

“Through Tattle’s direct impact, we have mobilized our staff to succeed in improving our customer experience in ways previously unimaginable.”

Tom Colicchio, Founder

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