Item-Level Feedback

Optimize Your Menus To Improve Revenue

Collect satisfaction data of individual menu items

Measure LTO performance beyond sales numbers

Investigate item-level recipe or operational issues

Maximize marketing budget allocation, lifetime value, and ROI with menu analytics

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Gain Full Visibility Into Your Menu Performance

Sales volume doesn’t show guest satisfaction, likelihood of repeat visits, or opportunities for operational improvement.

But Tattle does, offering menu item level feedback to help restaurant executives determine:

  • whether to remove certain menu items
  • whether to permanently add or bring back an LTO
  • how to reduce a menu’s operational complexity
  • which menu items deserve more marketing spend

Tattle feedback data can be dissected by units, groups, date ranges, dayparts, ordering channels, and more!

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Improve Order Accuracy & Guest Satisfaction

Not sure where to begin to improve order accuracy and guest satisfaction?

The granular nature of Tattle’s item-level feedback allows you to isolate issues unique to each menu item — whether that be at the recipe level or at a unit level.

Finally, your teams can go about menu innovation and LTO promotion with greater confidence and ease, ultimately leading to higher traffic, guest satisfaction and retention.

Get Menu Insights From Every Sales Channels

Through integration partners, SMS notifications, receipt scanning, and more, Tattle collects statistically-significant feedback across every channel.

You’ll be able to successfully test, measure, and improve your menu offerings, LTOs, and operations with customizable surveys and an intuitive dashboard.

Menu Level Feedback Channels
Receipt Scanning Restaurants

Gain Menu Item Level Insights With Receipt Scanning

Typically, Tattle collects menu-level feedback through ordering and POS platform integrations.

However, guests can now upload a photo of their receipt in lieu of direct integrations. Tattle will automatically extract every line item and ask for feedback on each. This is especially useful for collecting insights from dine-in customers.

See what Tattle can do for your restaurants!

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You’re in great company!

See why 200+ restaurant brands have chosen Tattle to be their guest feedback partner.

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Why Brands Love Tattle

Hidden Problems Uncovered

Tattle reveals the underlying factors causing each issue, such as whether a low food quality rating is due to temperature, texture, or flavor.

Higher Growth Certainty

Tattle uses Machine Learning to predict how likely each action will increase revenue and satisfaction, so you can better prioritize.

Hands-on Strategy Coaching

Our Customers Success team provides exclusive data insights and actionable recommendations to help you succeed.

Powerful Reports & Dashboard

There's a reason restaurant GMs log into Tattle on average 6 times a day — the reporting is specific, intuitive, and customizable.

25+ Integration Partners

The Tattle platform has numerous integration partners — from POS and ordering companies to kiosk and loyalty providers.

ROI Guaranteed

From tracking guest recovery to intercepting negative reviews, Tattle boosts your bottom-line and improves your brand reputation online.

Our Success Stories

MOD pizza tattle case study

MOD Pizza

How MOD Pizza recovered millions in revenue through effective incident management and better accountability of DMs and GMs.

Bluestone Lane Cafe Tattle case study

Dave's Hot Chicken

Learn how DHC's 500% annual growth was fueled in part by the incredibly granular insights generated by the Tattle platform.

Din Tai Fung Tattle case study

Roy Rogers

See how Roy Rogers replaced their mystery shoppers with Tattle and increased feedback volume by 3,051%.

Have Questions?

Which tools does Tattle integrate with?

We have a large number of direct integrations with POS, ordering, loyalty, and kiosk providers.

Direct integrations: Olo, Punchh, Toast, PAR Brink, Thanx, Revel, Paytronix, Flipdish, Bite, Square, Lunchbox, Itsacheckmate, Brygid, Up-n-Go, Como, Onosys, Restolabs, OneDine, Redcat, Menuu, GoParrot, and Zuppler.

If your tool of choice isn't listed, no worries! Tattle is built on an open API, enabling our platform to integrate with anyone and everyone.

Can Tattle collect feedback across all sales channels?

Absolutely! Whether that's dine-in, drive-thru, pickup, carryout, or delivery, we can collect guest feedback.

Most restaurant brands utilize our powerful integrations to quickly send a request for feedback (90 minutes after a transaction) via email or SMS. Some brands will add location-specific QR codes to their tables or to-go bags for an extra bump in submissions.

Overall, we see, on average, a 10% survey participation rate across brands using Tattle.

How many locations is Tattle best suited for?

Tattle is primarily designed for brands with 10 locations and more. We don’t recommend brands with fewer than 10 locations to use Tattle because our recommendation engine needs sufficient feedback volume to accurately suggest your top opportunities.

What makes Tattle’s feedback data more actionable?

Though there's enough actionability in our granular, detailed feedback collection alone, we take it a step further. Tattle Objectives -- a.k.a. the "Playbook for General Managers" -- provides each location-level team their top area for improvement every 30 days. It's tailored to each store's feedback.

Additionally, your dedicated customer success manager can provide strategy and insights sessions, utlimately helping you get the most out of your feedback data.

What does the setup process for Tattle look like?

It's easy! You will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who offers hands-on dashboard configuration, training, strategy sessions, and ongoing support based on your preferred launch timeline.

The launch timeline varies depending on the type of integrations you might need, which our team will handle for you as well. Most of our brand partners launch within a week!

Who on my team will use Tattle?

Tattle comes with 3 tiers of permission level settings that allow brand-level executives, District Managers and General Managers to access the dashboards that are the most relevant to their job scope. As an improvement-focused CX platform, Tattle is very popular among operations teams to translate data into actions and drive real operational changes.

However, marketers and guest experience teams also use Tattle for an accurate measure of guest sentiment, as well as for corresponding with customers in real time.

Skyrocket Your Menu Insights

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