Case Study

How Roy Rogers Increased Customer Feedback Data By 3,051% With Tattle

Through Tattle’s proprietary Customer Experience Improvement platform, Roy Rogers has garnered a consistent, high-volume stream of customer feedback that has allowed them to optimize CX beyond what they ever imagined.

MOD pizza tattle case study

“We’re getting feedback on a much larger scale, and are able to recover guests which we never had before.”

John Giffin
Consumer Care Manager
Roy Rogers

John Giffin Roy Rogers
Roy Rogers Team Employees

Our Partnership

Roy Rogers Wanted To Increase Customer Feedback Volume. Big Time.

Consumer Care Manager John Giffin joined Roy Rogers to overcome the unreliable, sporadic nature of mystery shopping and implement a process with reliable, accurate customer feedback data.

In his search for a Customer Experience Improvement platform, John found Tattle. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Brand Overview

Integrations: Olo, Punchh
Locations: 46
Tattle partner since: 2020

The Objectives

Get Away From Mystery Shoppers & Implement A Guest Recovery System

We had been using a Mystery Shopper program for 10-15 years,” Giffin said. “It’s hard to draw conclusions based off of a snapshot in time — one visit, one ten-minute segment out of an entire month — and it doesn’t seem fair to criticize a store based off of that.”

Not only was Mystery Shopping insufficient in identifying problem areas the team needed to focus on, but it was also unable to isolate real customers that were dissatisfied with the experience who were unlikely to visit again.

There was a lot potential revenue left on the table.

Roy Rogers Food
MOD pizza tattle case study

Solution #1

Collect Feedback That’s High-Quality, Omni-Channel, and Actionable

Within the first 6-8 months, we’ve already seen a significant change,” said Giffin. “With mystery shops, we were sending them out to each location 1x per month. Now we’re getting feedback on a much larger scale.”

Through Tattle’s integration with Olo, Roy Rogers customers receive an automated email survey immediately after a transaction, and rate their level of satisfaction for over 50 of operational categories and factors.

Using the Tattle and Olo integration, we’ve been able to uncover a lot of pricing or functionality errors within our app. As we’re growing, we’re really looking forward to getting more feedback from all these different avenues that Tattle will help to streamline for us with the integrations available,” Griffin stated.


Solution #2

Utilize Tattle’s Machine-Learning Improvement Recommendations

Through machine-learning, Tattle takes the data from survey responses and uses a proprietary algorithm to recommend the top opportunities for improvement, which helps location-level teams tremendously.

Moreover, the dashboard is incredibly easy to use, which means all levels of managers and operators can actively engage in understanding the insights from data, based on the permission level they’re assigned.

The intuitive dashboard is a big plus for us since we have all of our DMs, GMs, and corporate team members using it,” Giffin said. “It’s easy for each of them to click in and see their personalized views at a glance. Having the ability to see how different stores, different groups, and different districts are doing has been incredibly valuable to us.”

Tattle Heatmap And Objectives Blue
incident management tattle

Solution #3

Implement Effective Customer Recovery At Scale

Having a guest recovery process firmly in place has deeply impacted the team. Tattle can send automatic apology emails to guests who submit a rating of 3 stars or below — and even send along rewards through an integration with Punchh.

With Incident Timeline management, Roy Rogers is able to monitor how each location responds to customer issues, discovering whether customers are satisfied with the resolution. This has allowed their operations teams to enforce accountability and have visibility into each location’s performance.

“The Incident Management capabilities have given us a real opportunity to quickly recover guests. Getting to respond to guests and track their satisfaction with our replies to their concerns gives us a well-rounded view of our recovery process,” said Griffin.

The Results


Increase In Operational Feedback


Satisfied in Online Ordering Process


Survey Completion Rate


Satisfied With Incident Handling

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