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Dave's Hot Chicken Logo

122 Units | Olo, Punchh, Revel

Each Tattle feedback submission gives you the when, where, and what. That’s a level of detail you can’t find on Google, Yelp or social media reviews, scanning through which felt more like looking for a needle in the haystack.”

Jim Bitticks
MOD Pizza Logo

534 Units | Olo, Punchh

Tattle has become our center of gravity. Tracking performance and improvement, along with positioning the guest experience as a cultural cornerstone of our business, would be nearly impossible without Tattle.

Alicia Alfi
Tom Selementi Bluestone Lane

“What Tattle has created is transformational, especially for quick service brands. We love Tattle and are so happy to have this partnership.”

Senior Vice President

Bluestone Lane Logo


Olo, LevelUp



Tarka Indian Kitchen logo

9 Units | Restolabs, Como, Revel

“We used to get just a couple of very expensive mystery shopper reports a month. Now with Tattle, we get on average 25-35 responses per day or 3-4 per location daily. We have a 98% completion rate despite our very detailed surveys.”

Tinku Saini
Din Tai Fung Logo

12 Units | Olo, Toast

“Tattle is a powerful tool to help gain actionable insight on patterns in the guest experience. It’s a great way to better understand the guest so that you can provide the best possible experience.”

Aaron Yang Din Tai Fung
Spencer Rubin Melt Shop

“We weren’t used to hearing so much real-time information as to what our guests were experiencing. Tattle has become part of our operations DNA at this point.”

Spencer Rubin
Founder & CEO

Melt Shop Logo


Olo, Punchh, Brink



Red's Savoy

19 Units | Paytronix, Revel

“The transparency Tattle gives to our customers is helping us build authentic relationships. We were used to getting 60 reviews in a year. Now we get 60+ reviews in one day.”

Reed Daniels
The Halal Guys Logo

103 Units | Olo, Punchh, Revel

“Tattle has helped us get more actual customer reviews and move away from the twice-monthly secret shops that never fooled anyone.”

The Halal Guys
Starbird Chicken Maya

“We aren’t just getting negative, random reviews on social media anymore. With Tattle, we now have real customers attached to real experiences.”

Asst. Brand Manager

Starbird Chicken


Olo, Thanx, Aloha



Farmer Boys Logo

103 Units | Zuppler, Punchh, Itsacheckmate

Tattle continues to be a critical tool for us as we proactively set and validate new objectives. It provides us an avenue to get us direct guest feedback across dine-in, drive-thru, take-out and delivery.”

John Lucas Farmer Boys
Roy Rogers Logo

43 Units | Olo, Punchh

“Getting to respond to guests and track their satisfaction with our replies to their concerns ultimately gives us a well-rounded view of our guest recovery process.

John Giffin
Ryan Wilkinson

“The sheer number of respondents we’re getting is wild. Despite being 50+ questions, Tattle has a viable survey and people will actually respond.”

Ryan Wilkinson
Director of Marketing

Primanti Bros Logo


Olo, Paytronix



Fresh Brothers

24 Units | Adora

Tattle has given us the real-time data and insights we needed in order to transform the way in which we listen to and respond to our guest’s feedback.”

Geoff Goodman
Fresh Brothers

13 Units | Olo, Punch, Brink

“Tattle has eliminated the need for secondary feedback sources and continues to help pinpoint opportunities for us to shift operational focus. What we got in Tattle has exceeded expectations.”

Daniel Pinneaux

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