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Guest Recovery

Win Back Customers. At Scale. Automatically.

Guest retention is everything in the restaurant industry. With new competition cropping up every day, it’s more important than ever to keep the customers you’ve got.

  • Automatically send apology emails, incentives, and special offers to dissatisfied customers.
  • Monitor and track the recovery process of each and every guest.
  • Achieve a 70% recovery rate on average.
  • Turn guest feedback into a revenue stream.

Case Study

MOD Pizza Generates Over $11 Million With Tattle’s Guest Recovery

Through Tattle’s proprietary Customer Experience Improvement platform, MOD Pizza is winning back dissatisfied customers like never before.

daniel reeds red's savoy ceo
daniel reeds red's savoy ceo

If a customer complains and you deal with it quickly, they are 75% more likely to return than if the complaint never happened. Complaints are opportunities to make people your ambassadors.

Cliff Hillier, General Manager
Down To Earth

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