March 21, 2017

Thinking of Revamping Your Customer Experience Management Software? Start Here

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Customer Experience Management Software (CXM) is at the top of the corporate agenda in 2017, with 72% of all companies polled by Forrester Data stating that their top priority is to improve their overall CXM. Brands are adding positions like CIOs and Directors of Data Analytics to find innovative ways to gather and process as much information around CXM as is technologically possible. But while business leaders are understanding the value of CXM now more than ever, only 37% have a strategy in place to improve it. 

Unfortunately, there are no silver bullets when it comes to developing your CXM strategy, but as Canadian psychotherapist Nathaniel Branden said, “the first step towards change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.” You know you need to design a strategy around your customer’s experience but where do you begin?

That leads to the beginning of the journey — gaining the insights needed to improve your overall CXM. Edwin Bragg, the VP of Marketing for Shake Shack, had the most tweeted quote from last year’s ANA Masters of Marketing conference when he said “the bigger we get, the smaller we need to act.” With this simple quote, Bragg showed a real understanding and commitment to each and every guest interaction and touch point along the customer journey.

Because CXM is an incredibly broad sum of all the interactions a customer has with a business either directly or indirectly, it is hard to pinpoint each and every access point. In the “old days”, companies could view their customer experience as a funnel with a beginning, middle and end point. But the continued expansion of the digital landscape has created a much more vast customer experience and forced businesses to reach customers on their own terms. That’s why Tattle’s innovative approach to feedback collection is such a value-add for our partners, allowing them to extrapolate a high quantity of quality sentiment data.

“The old tools aren’t working anymore because the industry completion standard for a relevant survey to be significant needs to cross a threshold of thirty,” said Joe Langford, Director of Human Resources at Aloha Hospitality. That is why mystery shoppers creates such a false positive. The dataset is far too small to draw any accurate information from. By meeting customers on their smartphones — where they spend their lives – Tattle is empowering guest interaction along the customer journey. The result is a new, statistically significant dataset for which to begin understanding and revamping your brand’s Customer Experience Management Software.

Second, we need to fix the existing systems that are in place. The landscape for private guest interaction is so fragmented in this day and age it is impossible to even leverage all of the data businesses are currently collecting because the data isn’t in one place. So Tattle not only amplifies private communication but also works with brands to shore up the existing channels they already have in place. The result is that Tattle can meet the customer wherever they seek to privately communicate.

Gathering insights is the first important step to making changes in your customer experience management software. But make no mistake, learning what your customers want out of an experience can be a very challenging task. It takes a real passion and often an internal cultural shift from the brand to reach such a goal. But in a vast expanse of digital touch points, the pay off is often transformational.