April 17, 2017

The Little Beet & Classic Rock Coffee Join Tattle

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The Little Beet:

The Little Beet was founded with one simple philosophy: To serve real food deliciously. Inspired by local, seasonal and natural ingredients, Chef Franklin Becker has created a menu that offers wholesome food that makes you feel real good about eating it, and even better after. The QSR concept allows customers to mix and match favorites to create custom bowls. With a wide variety of flavorful, yet nutritious dishes, The Little Beet is definitely rising to the call for healthy and delicious fast food.

All of their ingredients are carefully sourced from farmers and purveyors they trust, so the customers can too. They firmly believe what grows together, goes together. And this formula seem to working very well – as they continue their growth in NY and DC with their newest location opening in NOMAD.

All of The Little Beet’s menu items are 100% gluten-free. But more importantly, they are also 100% guiltin’ free. Good food never tasted so good!

Classic Rock Coffee:

This ain’t your typical Coffee Shop – it’s coffee that rocks and java with an attitude. At Classic Rock Coffee you will see, hear and taste the difference. With the best coffee, frappes, smoothies, protein shakes, pastries, and sandwiches. Classic Rock takes great pride in sourcing great tasting coffees. But it’s all about the music at Classic Rock.

“We always used to joke about that,” President and Founder Kent Morrison said. “We had a big PA system sitting by our roaster, and were like ‘hey, there’s music in our beans now.’” In the case of this steadily expanding, five-year-old Springfield, Missouri-based chain, one effect this has had is evidently a rapid global franchising success.

When Classic Rock first opened its brand to franchising, they expected the first shops to be in places like Kansas City or St. Louis. “But what happened is our first one was in Pakistan,” said Morrison. “We then sold India. Then came Midland and Odessa, Texas, and then came UAE.” Other countries with CRC stores up and running or soon to open include Bangladesh, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Nigeria, Hungary, Kuwait and more.

The company has clearly hit on a popular concept — playing classic rock, offering themed menus and merchandise. Classic Rock has found a winning formula, that’s getting a whole lotta love!

The Tattle Choice:

These restaurants have made the creation of unforgettable customer experiences of paramount importance to their mission. Being able to have an open flow of digital communication between their customers and all their locations fits nicely with this ethos. Tattle also gives each the ability to identify their community of net-promoters, essential to their continued success. By creating a closed-loop approach to feedback Tattle’s platform allows these restaurants to understand the sentiment of their customers and know truly that the product they are achieving across all of their locations remains at the highest level of excellence.

Getting direct feedback has become essential to restaurants with so many other social media sites and open forums available to unhappy customers. Being able to capture feedback internally can help brands retain control of their online reputation, identify top promoters and build stronger relationships by responding directly to customers.

 Each team needed Tattle for the following reasons:

  • compare analytics and trends across all their locations
  • streamline and centralize their website and onsite feedback process
  • get in front of harmful online reviews
  • seamlessly respond back to customers with Thank You’s, Apologies, Digital Gift Cards or Yelp Review Requests


Welcome to Tattle: The Little Beet & Classic Rock Coffee