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Manage Email Templates

Creating a New Email Template

1. Click on the “Account Setup” tab in the menu bar to the left, select “Email Templates”. Then, click on “+ New Template” at the top right hand corner to add a new email template.

tattle location settings

2. Enter the details such as label (name of the template), type, availability, subject line, send from email address and body message. You can also add a reward to the email, which is great for guest recovery emails such as apology messages.

Pro tip: We highly recommend typing out the body message within our email template creator so that it doesn’t mess up the resulting format.

tattle location settings

You can create as many email templates as you’d like. Some Tattle partners like to create a template for each foreseeable issue such as an apology message for low ratings on food quality, speed of service, hospitality etc. respectively.

Once you have the template ready for use, you can either respond to guests within Customer Responses, or assign it as an Automatic Message template tied to a specific star rating.

More details about Automatic Templates

More details about Customer Responses

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