December 11, 2022

14 Hospitality Brands Inducted into Tattle 2022 Hall of Fame

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As the leading CX and feedback platform for over 200 hospitality brands worldwide, Tattle has always aimed to stay as close to our partners as possible – just like how they stay close to their own customers through Tattle.

It’s been truly a fulfilling journey with our partners, who constantly inspire us with their customer-centric philosophy, improvement-focused mindset, and data-driven strategies. Our partners bring Tattle to life — the way they implement the platform in their day-to-day operations constantly drives the evolution of our product.

To end the year of 2022 strong, we want to celebrate the amazing successes of our partner across the board. These operators, leaders, and managers are the true heroes constantly seeking new ways to deliver the best customer experience possible by leveraging Tattle’s improvement-focused CX platform.

Therefore we’re incredibly excited to announce the inaugural induction of the following 14 brands into Tattle’s “Hall of Fame”, where we recognize those who have truly excelled in creating a better customer experience every day across 14 titles. You can find this year’s honorees below.

Category 1: Customer Experience MVPs

This year, 9 brands were recognized as Tattle’s MVPs (most valuable players) based on their outstanding Tattle metrics that measure their customer experience and operational excellence in various operational areas.

Highest Overall CER (Customer Experience Rating): BATL

The go-to axe-throwing destination for entertainment and events in the US and Canada, BATL Axe Throwing has been delivering unique experiences to more than 2 million guests so far.

Highest Accuracy: Slutty Vegan

As a brand recognized for its unique customer experience and unapologetically-decadent menu, Slutty Vegan is taking the increasingly popular vegan concept by the storm.

Most Guests Recovered: MOD Pizza

MOD Pizza is an expert at personalizing guest follow-ups and winning back dissatisfied customers. That combined with their customizable, individual, artisan-style pizzas are what keeps guests coming back!

Highest Feedback Volume: Lou Malnati’s

Through Tattle’s integration with Punchh, Lou Malnati’s saw a jaw-dropping increase in feedback volume across all their 78 locations. You know the iconic Chicago-style pizza restaurant has a loyal customer-base when they engage with the brand in droves!

Best Cleanliness: Dave’s Hot Chicken

Known for its quirky branding, unparalleled tenders, and insane growth in 2022, Dave’s Hot Chicken also happens to dominate Tattle’s cleanliness scores!

Best Atmosphere: Colectivo Coffee

Since its humble beginnings at a Walker’s Point warehouse in 1993, Colectivo Coffee has been sourcing coffees from origin and roasting every batch by hand — all to achieve their goal of delivering a brew-tiful experience to every guest.

Best Speed of Service: Island Fin Poke

The incredible Hawaiian-style poke bowls are not only delicious, but also prepared lightning-fast in store! With their sustainably-sourced ingredients, house-made sauces and over 25 toppings, Island Fin has certainly built an ohana in their customer base.

Best Food Quality: Veselka

The cozy Ukrainian coffee shop in New York City’s East Village has been serving pierogi, borscht, goulash, and more for 68 years — since 1954!

Best Hospitality: UpTop Dispensary

UpTop is on a mission to make it easy and enjoyable for patients needing cannabis products to feel comfortable and understood. Their friendly, engaging neighborhood space is thoughtfully designed to make everyone feel welcome.

Category 2: Tattle Dashboard MVPs

Tattle Dashboard MVPs are recognized for their creative usage of the platform, who go above and beyond to bake data into their brand culture. This year’s nominees and winners are:

Best Internal Communications: Din Tai Fung

Nominees: Hooters, CoreLife Eatery, DiBellas, Veggie Grill, Blaze Pizza

Since launching Tattle, Din Tai Fung has been treating every feedback survey response with care, attention, and speed. Every day, the operations team is instantly flagging dissatisfied responses internally through emails, and having each GM document specific action items to prevent similar issues from happening.

By staying on top of customer feedback, the brand has been making steady progress in customer satisfaction over the years.

Best Team Culture: Slutty Vegan

Nominees: Colectivo Coffee, MOD Pizza, Dave’s Hot Chicken, Roy Rogers

It’s impossible not to get affected by the overwhelming passion and joy exhibited by every Slutty Vegan team member. The bold, unique, and distinctive brand is unapologetically taking the vegan trend by storm, all while successfully building a team culture that is unmatched by any other brand.

Most Creative Feedback Approach: Freshly Chopped

Nominees: MAD Greens, Halara, Melt Shop, Down to Earth, Lou Malnati’s

Like many other Tattle partners, Freshly Chopped has been utilizing QR codes in the form of stickers, tent cards, and posters in store to drive feedback volume – on top of their automated survey emails. They also incorporated the QR code into their latest World Cup campaign — the creativity never stops!

Most Innovative Data Application: Pie Five

Nominees: Dave’s Hot Chicken, Blaze Pizza, MOD Pizza

Pie Five is constantly looking for ways to use Tattle data to validate or disprove any CX theories  they have. For example, the Pie Five team experimented with different oven temperatures and cooking times to see if that was reflected in their pizza quality scores in Tattle. 

Honorary Mentions: CoreLife Eatery & Honeygrow

Our team has absolutely loved working with CoreLife Eatery and Honeygrow. Both brands have really impressed us with their speedy communications, smooth dashboard setup, and a desire to make the most out of the Tattle platform.

CoreLife Eatery was able to launch Tattle within 24 hours – yes, you read that right! As for Honeygrow, they immediately requested to set up regular insight presentations with our Customer Success team to more thoroughly understand the wealth of data at their fingertips.

To learn more about Tattle’s CX platform, feel free to check out our solutions page on the website or schedule a quick demo. Alternatively, you can read more about Tattle partners’ case studies as well.

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