May 30, 2022

Collecting Menu Feedback at an Individual Item Level

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Tattle is excited to have started collecting menu item feedback for virtual restaurant brands via an integration with Olo, in an attempt to help brands optimize their menu engineering and ensure better food quality.

Why is Tattle collecting item-level feedback for your menus?

While branding and services matter a lot in the hospitality industry, at the end of the day your food and products need to speak for themselves. As a result, brands using Tattle often closely monitor their “Food Quality” score calculated based on thousands upon thousands of feedback data points collected via Tattle’s causation-based surveys.

Being a crucial component in the measurement of overall guest satisfaction, “Food Quality” in Tattle is broken down into actionable factors to help operators prioritize what they can improve on. For example, if a guest gives only two stars to their “Pizza Quality”, do you know whether it’s because of the toppings? Texture? Temperature? The crust? Operators look to Tattle for the specifics on what needs to be changed, so that they aren’t left wondering what exactly went wrong with the guest’s order.

tattle identifies operational area for improvement

But we aren’t just stopping there. Through deeper analysis, our team discovered that different menu items tend to experience different issues. For example, pizzas might be more prone to “Accuracy” issues due to uneven topping distribution, whereas fries might have more “Meal Packaging” issues if high moisture content in the container makes them soggy. Therefore, “Food Quality” alone might not be the best measurement of how satisfied your customers are with a menu item, since other operational categories such as “Accuracy” and “Meal Packaging” would also affect guest satisfaction.

In an effort to offer deeper insights into the quality of different menu items, we’re pleased to announce that Tattle has started collecting menu item feedback for virtual restaurant brands that use Olo. Moving forward, all virtual restaurant brands using Tattle and Olo will be able to collect menu item level feedback for their menu items across “Food Quality”, “Accuracy”, and “Meal Packaging” categories along with their respective operational category factors.

This means Tattle is now able to solicit customer feedback specific to each menu item to help partners achieve operational improvement around specific menu items, test new products and optimize their menus — with decisions backed by data. 

Why is Tattle rolling out this new functionality with virtual restaurants first?

Virtual restaurant concepts are uniquely positioned to be the perfect early beneficiaries of Tattle’s new menu item feedback collection. Specifically, they often offer an abbreviated menu with limited varieties compared to their traditional restaurant counterparts. This means that they tend to rely on a high satisfaction level of a few crowd-favorites to drive their overall revenue. In fact, data has shown that virtual restaurant brands generate roughly 90% of their revenue through just one to two menu items. As a result, it’s especially important for virtual restaurants to closely monitor the guest satisfaction of each menu item, in particular the top-sellers.

Also, since many virtual restaurants heavily rely on Olo as their ordering channel, Tattle’s seamless integration with Olo makes it easy to pull detailed transactional data of each order when prompting customers to leave menu item feedback. This means Tattle is able to ingest the order details data and analyze it alongside your customer feedback data to recommend the best course of action for your operations teams.

Tattle menu item feedback collection survey

How exactly does Tattle collect menu item feedback data?

The process is actually very similar to how Tattle is currently surveying your customers. Through integrations with Olo (among 25+ of our integration partners), we do the heavy lifting so that the entire experience is frictionless for both your customers and your team:

  • After a guest completes a transaction, our integration with Olo allows Tattle to automatically send an email to the guest with a unique survey link for that specific location.
  • When the guest opens the survey in the browser, the survey field will already be auto-populated with the guest’s order details and menu item information.
  • The guest can then very intuitively fill out the survey. Tattle surveys on average have a 94% completion rate.

Shortly after the survey completion, your team will see that particular survey entry popping up on the Tattle dashboard.

How can you leverage menu item feedback to improve your operations?

The granularity of menu item data allows operations teams to fine-tune their processes around the preparation of each item, and adjust their operations based on opportunities unique to each item. The good news is that Tattle breaks down all the information into simple and actionable ways directly within the dashboard.

With all your team using the Tattle dashboard, it’s easy to align your whole team on the issues and opportunities of menu items instead of relying only on anecdotal evidence. This is useful for both testing new menu items and optimizing long-time favorites.

We often see customer satisfaction as the leading indicator of revenue growth. By understanding your customers’ preferences on the menu, you can better predict which items are likely to drive more revenue for you in the future and allocate your resources (e.g. marketing budget) accordingly.


Having menu item feedback data is like having a microscope — it will unlock new insights and perspectives that you never had when examining your existing operations. Our data shows that brands that hit Tattle’s recommended objectives have an 84% probability of increasing their overall guest satisfaction within 30 days. We can’t wait to see our brands better improve on their opportunities based on robust feedback collection mechanisms, such as menu item feedback.

If you want to learn more about Tattle’s capabilities and want to see our new features in action, please tell us a little about your business here so we can reach out!

*Note: Existing Tattle customers can directly reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions or want to see a demo.