July 18, 2023

Introducing “Tattle Battle” Winners of 2023

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After waiting 3 months with bated breath, we’re happy to announce the winners of our very first “Tattle Battle” for single-location General Managers and Franchisees among Tattle partners!

Since its inception, Tattle was built to empower GMs to achieve guest satisfaction goals with clarity, certainty and confidence, while simplifying the day-to-day decision-making process for these multi-tasking operators. To date, Tattle has successfully helped tens of thousands of restaurant locations make measurable progress towards higher guest satisfaction, more guest winbacks and greater lifetime value.

To help restaurants recognize and incentivize their key talents at the unit level, Tattle launched the inaugural “Tattle Battle” in March to highlight GMs and Franchisees among Tattle partners who have achieved outstanding results in customer experience and operational excellence. 

At a high level, winners are selected based on the highest improvement in guest satisfaction across various operational categories (comparing Q2 vs. Q1 in 2023). For a refresher on the rules and qualifications, please check out this blog.

Now drumroll for the “Tattle Battle” winners of 2023….

Overall CER (Customer Experience Rating)

Hooters: Round Rock location

Integrations: Olo, Punchh

The award for the biggest improvement in overall guest satisfaction goes to this Hooters location in Texas. Known and celebrated for its excellent dine-in hospitality, Hooters’ locations have performed exceptionally well in Q2 across the board — but Round Rock really stood out!

tattle battle highest improvement in overall guest satisfaction hooters

Triple T Hospitality: Tommy’s Tavern + Tap (Edison)

Integrations: Aloha, Paytronix

Across its two concepts (Tio Taco + Tequila Bar and Tommy’s Tavern), Triple T Hospitality has an incident rate that’s 14.1% lower than industry average, and has been consistently seeing exceptional responses from the guests — with 79.4% of all survey submissions being 5 stars!

triple t hospitality tattle battle winner
Food Quality

Pieology: Carson / South Bay Pavillion Mall location

Integrations: Olo, Toast

Pieology breaks down food quality into six factors to collect more detailed and actionable feedback on how to improve: thoroughly sliced, temperature, texture, appearance, baked properly and topping distribution. This level of granularity in their Tattle surveys allow their locations to achieve such an impressive improvement in food quality within just 90 days!

pieology tattle battle winner

Evergreens: SeaTac location

Integrations: Aloha, Paytronix

How do you hold hospitality staff accountable? Evergreens chose 3 key aspects that set their hospitality apart: focus, enthusiasm and greeting. By measuring guest sentiment in these three specific areas, Evergreens’ SeaTac location was able to target their effort on the highest-impact areas and improve dramatically within three months.

evergreens tattle battle winner
Speed of Service

MOD Pizza: McKinney South location

Integrations: Olo, Punchh

To a fast casual pizza chain, speed is the name of the game. MOD Pizza uses Tattle surveys to measure guest sentiment around the speed of every step of the journey — from placing an order all the way to receiving the food — in order to isolate areas with the biggest opportunity to improve on. No wonder its McKinney South location displayed the greatest improvement in speed of service within Q2!

mod pizza tattle battle winner

Once again, congratulations to all the winners, and to thousands of other amazing Tattle partners who are constantly innovating and listening to their customers to build the best brand experience possible.

To see some examples of how restaurant brands utilize Tattle, you can check out their success stories here

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