January 12, 2017

Why You Should NOT Link Bonuses to Positive Customer Feedback

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You love collecting customer feedback. You understand that offering an outlet so that your customers can communicate directly with your business is an extremely important form of empowerment. And you also know that getting private business intelligence is a powerful tool for running your daily operations better.

Maybe you’ve joined Tattle and are amazed at the amount of customer insights that are coming in on a minute-by-minute basis. Now you are getting a report card for each and every one of your growing locations in real-time. It’s become something of a ritual for you, getting up in the morning and logging into your customer experience management platform. Just like brushing your teeth. You pop open Tattle’s suite of Enterprise analytics and begin benchmarking those locations, comparing and contrasting each against one another in the areas you care about most – service, food, atmosphere, and marketing. You have the leaderboard now so you can see who is at the top for the week, the month or the quarter. Where once you were blind now you can see!

In fact, things have been going so well, you’ve gone ahead and eliminated that pesky mystery shopper budget, saving huge fees for your company while providing more in-depth data. You even rolled out with a company-wide “Tattle Battle” – how could you not? The name itself rolls right off the tongue! And now each store is working to collect the most potent information that is floating around in each of your locations. Things are going so well in fact, that you are thinking about using these analytics to reward your best performing stores by attaching incentives.

Wait! Hit the brakes! Don’t do it! That’s where the system will fail you. In fact, linking incentives to positive scores will corrupt the data you are collecting. When employees are motivated by financial gain to get scores to a certain level statistics have shown that they will abuse that system up to 55% of the time! That is why here at Tattle we want all employees to know that their customer experience management platform is a tool of empowerment, a way for them to run their section of the kingdom a little bit better.

To this end, Tattle’s platform is designed to cater to all team members’ duties from top to bottom.

C-Level executives have found Tattle to be helpful in:

  • Benchmarking guest satisfaction across all locations
  • Analyzing macro-data by operational category to foster better decision-making
  • Receiving daily, weekly and monthly reporting by stores to understand best and worst performers

Franchisees utilize Tattle to stop driving back and forth between their locations. Now they can run their locations better and increase total revenue by:

  • Identifying trends on a micro-level
  • Managing customer experience through streamlined responses to feedback
  • Receiving daily, weekly and monthly reporting for their specific stores

And General-Managers get to utilize the Tattle platform to run their teams better. Using the feedback they’ve collected from the Tattle system to:

  • Train staff using customer experiences as a reference point
  • Receive real-time notifications to immediately fix issues that arise
  • Manage the guest’s experience through streamlined responses to feedback

Customer Success Reps at Tattle work to teach all Team Members to utilize the feedback coming in as a tool to running their business, their stores and their teams better. When they think of Tattle as an extension of Customer Experience Management and NOT as a tool for getting a bonus, then and only then do they use the data to its fullest potential.