April 17, 2017

Learn How Tattle Collects Guest Feedback via Digital Ordering

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Last week, Starbucks made headlines that it was do away with their mobile ordering system, which was said to be causing a backlog resulting in longer wait times and overall customer satisfaction.

Starbucks, an early adopter of mobile ordering systems, or what Kevin Johnson, CEO, calls the ‘digital flywheel’, is facing some of the unintended consequences of a growing mobile ordering landscape as Starbucks baristas fight to keep up with multiple order streams that are overwhelming them. According to Business Insider, the coffee-centered chain is facing woes as stores are being inundated with mobile orders that are drastically slowing down service and alienating customers.

With mobile ordering on the rise and set to eclipse 38 billion dollars of revenue by 2020, it was an area Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh knew would be a central focus for years to come. Last month, when Garbanzo partnered with Tattle to collect guest feedback on their mobile ordering process, the executive team had hoped that they could manage the digital ordering system more efficiently while giving voice to customers if their experience did not live up to expectations.

As we know, when mobile ordering overwhelms a store it creates a slowed guest experience throughout. Customers have to deal with longer lines and confusion as additional stressors and responsibilities are placed on employees. All of these factors negatively impact customer satisfaction. So giving guests an outlet to speak directly to businesses is essential for resolving issues and reaching back out to customers to retain their business.

Through 20-days since launch of collecting guest sentiment through Tattle, Garbanzo has already collected 100+ completed surveys from guests across 19 locations, giving visibility to thousands of data points that had previously been unmonitored. With limited human interaction, gaining valuable insight around the mobile ordering process through Tattle has become a winning strategy for Garbanzo allowing the team to make better operational decisions and recover unhappy customers with the instant ability to reach back out to guests.

“Before Tattle we had no feedback through digital ordering, now we have a ton of feedback,” said James Park, CEO of Garbanzo. “We’ve never been able to look at our digital ordering process through actionable insights. Customers have opted- to share deficiencies around food ordering accuracy, temperature of food, or general timeliness around the takeout or delivery process. Now, we are actively creating process and measuring this area of our business as it continues to grow.”