September 26, 2023

How This QSR Brand Reinvented The Winning LTO Formula

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Editors note: Due to the exclusive and sensitive insights and data, the pizza brand featured in this article has requested anonymity. They will be referred to as Crust & Co.

Executives at Crust and Co. asked themselves the following question: “Is there a better way to analyze and understand the performance of our of Limited-Time Offers (LTOs) throughout the year?”

They asked this question because they noticed their LTO process generally followed the same pattern: Ideate, launch, and hope. This process was void of any true insights and optimization.

In fact, the only data-backed element of this process was in sales data — but even that didn’t say much, especially since there were no previously-launched LTOs that stood apart from the permanent menu.

This moved Crust & Co. to seek out not only a deeper understanding of what customers thought about their LTOs, but a way to collect those insights in an organized, real-time, and scalable manner.

Here is the formula they came up with and the results…

Pizza LTO

The LTO Campaign: Pizza By The Slice


Crust & Co. is launching a new Pizza By The Slice LTO item that has three variations: BBQ Bonanza, Fig & Feta, and Pesto Pizzazz.

Goal #1

New Product Testing

Capture between-meal traffic with individual pizza slices. It’s designed for quick consumption and looks to generate more revenue outside of the company’s core dinner daypart.

If successful, Crust & Co. may add this LTO to the permanent menu.

Goal #2

Promotional Strategy

Generate a significant amount of social media buzz that attracts both new and existing guests.

Crust & Co. is looking for this LTO to boost the sales of other menu items, ultimately converting more visitors into loyal fans with a higher LTV.


Collect Customer Satisfaction Data By Way Of Granular Feedback Surveys

Guest sentiment data is immediate, direct, and informative. It reveals whether an item is well-received and likely to generate greater sales, return visits, and satisfaction down the line.

Crust & Co. will measure sentiment using Tattle’s automatic and proprietary surveys. The causation-based format breaks down each operational category (e.g. Food Quality, Speed of Service, Accuracy, etc.) into underlying factors (e.g. Texture, Taste, Temperature, etc.). These surveys have a 94% completion rate.


Ask Highly-Targeted Questions To Visitors Who Order The LTO

– Perceived Value
– Order Accuracy
– Level of customization
– Likelihood to re-order
– Likelihood to recommend
– Reasons for ordering
– How they heard about the new item

Fresh Brothers Operations Restaurants Tattle Feedback


Maintain Statistical Significance Across LTO Survey Responses

Throughout the data collection period, Crust & Co. will closely monitor the survey completion rate to ensure both quality (i.e. level of detail of the survey) and quantity (i.e. statistical significance) of the data.

Typically, within just a few weeks, Tattle would have already collected statistically-significant data to make early conclusions on.

Analysis and Findings

Analysis & Findings

The following graphs will show you how Tattle analyzed the previously-mentioned metrics and survey questions to find actionable insights for Crust & Co.


Overall Satisfaction (Top Box) Over Time

Based on the survey results, we break down the satisfaction scores for each LTO variation, as seen in the chart below.

Overall Satisfaction OSAT Top Box Restaurant LTO

While the LTO as a category saw consistent OSAT through the promotion period, BBQ Bonanza had the highest satisfaction.


LTO Variant Breakdown
LTO Variant Breakdown Restaurants

Overall, guests were relatively satisfied with the execution of the LTO, indicating a higher satisfaction in “Execution” than “Value”.


LTO Modification Analysis
LTO Modification Analysis

It’s important to measure the operational complexity of LTOs. Of all the three variations, Pesto Pizzazz is the least likely to be modified, whereas Fig & Feta is the most likely to be modified.


LTO Impact On A
Guest’s Willingness To Recommend

In addition, guests who ordered the LTO were 5.9 ppt more likely to promote Crust & Co. to friends than those who didn’t order an LTO, which is a fantastic outcome.

Menu Level Feedback NPS Net Promoter Score LTO Limited Time Offer


Performance By Customer Journey
Customer Journey Channels LTO Analysis Menu Feedback

In a breakdown by journey, it’s clear that LTO performance is the highest on-premise, and lowest for curbside orders. With that said, for all off-premise channels (pickup, delivery, curbside), satisfaction is similar across overall Customer Experience Rating (CER), value, and execution.


Hourly LTO Breakdown
LTO Survey Mix

Based on the table above, it’s clear that the LTO’s survey mix is the highest before 3:00 pm, which shows that guests indeed view the new “Pizza By The Slice” as a lunch or snack item.

In addition, guest satisfaction tends to be higher during that same period of time, with performance declining past 5:00 pm.


Reasons For Not Choosing The LTO

Most people didn’t order the LTO because they already knew their regular orders and didn’t want to try something new. This is followed by people who were simply unaware of the new product.

Reasons for not choosing LTO Restaurant Feedback


LTO Text Analytics Breakdown

Reasons For “Other” Choices

LTO Text Analytics

“I have a gluten and/or dairy allergy and didn’t think these could be made with replacement dough or cheese… ?”

We can drill down into the 9% of guests who chose “Other” through a word cloud analysis. From that, it’s clear that special dietary requirements was a big reason for guests not trying the LTO.


Measuring Incident Involvement Rate

“Incident Involvement Rate” measures how often both an item and the overall experience are rated three stars and below at the same time. You want this metric to be as low as possible.

Incident Rate Restaurant Customer Experience

Fig & Feta currently has the highest incident involvement rate.


Sales vs. Satisfaction Matrix

As mentioned before, sales data isn’t the true indicator LTO performance — it is the result of many factors: promotional effort, menu placement, food photography, etc. Only when combined with guest satisfaction data can you see the full story.

Let’s put the three variations of the LTO into this simple matrix:

Sales Data Satisfaction Data Guest Feedback Restaurant LTO

Currently, the biggest issue to be resolved is Pesto Pizzazz. The high sales, low sentiment of that variant means first-time guests are much more likely to hve a bad experience and not come back.

Crust & Co. Recommendations

Increase Customization

Given that Fig & Feta is the most likely to be modified, if Crust & Co. is adept at customizing guests’ orders, we’d recommend that the chain allow guests to build their own Fig & Feta slice, and allow for minor customizations for the other variations. This can be done through drop-down options in the online ordering app, or allowing dine-in customers to do so with verbal instructions.

Keep LTO To Bolster Non-Dinner Dayparts

Since the survey mix and satisfaction of the LTO decreases after 5:00 PM, we can conclude that guests indeed view the LTO as a great lunch or on-the-go snack. Therefore the LTO achieved Crust & Co.’s primary goal and we recommend keeping the item, as it’s driving traffic during the desired dayparts.

Test LTO With Dietary Options

Besides being unaware of the new items, dietary restriction is the biggest reason why people didn’t order the LTO. We recommend offering vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free options. This could provide a sizable boost in bringing first-time customers to your restaurants.


This pizza brand was able to move away from gut hunches and into the realm of data-driven insights.

Creating such a finely-tuned process could not have been done without the granular feedback metrics collected by Tattle surveys, a staple of over 200+ multi-unit restaurant brands (Chili’s, Hooters, Dave’s Hot Chicken, etc.).

If you’re interested in automatically collecting granular, actionable menu/LTO metrics from your guests (such as the ones above) schedule a call with our team below.

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