January 11, 2017

Tattle Releases Newest Enterprise Feature: The Leaderboards Tab

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Today, Tattle, Inc. is excited to introduce you to our newest Tattle features: the Leaderboards Tab — an addition to the Enterprise suite of analytics!

The Leaderboards tab allows our Enterprise partners to view their top 5 stores against the average for all stores in the following areas by customized date range:

  • Total Tattles
  • Experience Rating
  • Tattle Score
  • Fewest ‘Incidents’

The Leaderboards Tab allows C-level executives to see very quickly what the average of all of their locations is and then where individual stores stand-up to that average. This feature provides a high-level view of locations for partners with a particular focus on:

  • Benchmarking guest satisfaction
  • Analyzing macro-data by operational category to foster better decision-making
  • Receiving reporting by stores to understand best and worst performers

Being able to better understand the average scores across all locations, Franchisees can see where their stores rank against their peers. Understanding from a metrics perspective, which stores are your top performers is a way to delve into the operations of these top performers so you cannot only understand what these locations are doing right but disseminate this information throughout your organization.

Conversely, quickly identifying the locations that are not living up to your brand’s reputation will allow you to begin to fix issues before customers get a negative view and never return.

Tattle has identifying a lack of onsite business intelligence for many organizations that franchise out their brands. We fill those knowledge gaps by improving internal sentiment collection systems and extracting real-time customer feedback. These data points go directly to businesses to allow them to better understand the day-to-day operations of each location without having to be onsite and to take action against them.