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Slutty Vegan Achieves A 360-Degree View Of Customer Experience

How Slutty Vegan implements a specific, granular and accurate customer feedback strategy within its existing bandwidth.

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“Tattle is almost like mystery shoppers, but from your actual customers.”

Dominique Davis
Director of Training
and Culture
Slutty Vegan

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Slutty Vegan Founder

Our Partnership

Customer Experience As the Cornerstone of the Business

As a brand recognized for its unique customer experience and unapologetically decadent menu, Slutty Vegan is the new rising star taking the increasingly popular vegan concept by the storm.

Brand Overview

Integrations: AppFront, Toast
Locations: 8
Tattle partner since: 2022

The Challenge

Online Reviews Don’t Provide Specific, Actionable Insights

As a brand recognized for its unique customer experience, Slutty Vegan knew it had to keep a finger on the pulse of guest satisfaction and feedback at every single point along the customer journey.

“We were leaving the narrative of customer service up to third-party platforms like Yelp and Google,” said Jason Crain, President of Slutty Vegan. “But with online reviews, you can’t ask specific questions to go more granular beyond just generic reviews.”

In addition, with links or QR codes on receipts, automated survey emails and even website widgets, brands can capture as many and diverse customers to submit feedback as possible.

“Tattle allows our team to access customers at different points of the buying journey to give more flexibility to customers for how they send us feedback,” Jason said.

Tattle can also automatically prompt happy customers, which has effectively defended this popular brand against muddled or inaccurate public reviews.

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Restaurant Location Guest Satisfaction Software Platform

the challenge

Ensuring Transparency Amid Rapid Growth

“A huge value that Tattle provides for me is transparency,” Jason said. “As we mature and scale so quickly, having transparency across locations regarding our key metrics is huge.”

Slutty Vegan makes sure that they’re always above the industry average (seen within Tattle’s dashboard) across all metrics, from CER (Customer Experience Rating) to Incident Rate.

Jason noted that the intuitive Tattle dashboard is saving time for him and his team by presenting clear, understandable, and actionable insights and trends without digging into data reports.

“Every week I’d look at the reports and use them as guides to ask questions to my team, so we can analyze together what’s driving certain things I see in the reports,” said Jason. “This makes sure that all teams across our locations are focusing on what matters for our business.

Solution #1

Prioritizing Feedback Despite Hectic Schedules

As a takeout-only restaurant brand, Slutty Vegan experiences extremely high volumes of orders at each and every unit. As a result, their GMs don’t have much bandwidth to manage a separate CX platform.

That’s where Tattle’s automated daily and weekly summary emails become incredibly important for the location-level teams.

“Tattle’s surveys tells us that about 97% of our customers are ‘virgins’ (people who visit Slutty Vegan for the first time). This feedback allows our teams to be more intentional about giving people ‘slut calls’ (how Slutty Vegan greets their customers),” said Dominique Davis, Director of Training and Culture at Slutty Vegan. “This is what gets people to post about their experience on Instagram, which then attracts more people to come to our stores and get that experience.

Pinpoint Operational Issues Restaurant Tattle
Restaurant Objectives General Managers Performance

Solution #2

Operationalizing Feedback For Consistent Improvements

Slutty Vegan conducts two meetings each week to provide analytics on Tattle and operational updates.

“We pride ourselves on customer service,” said Dominique. “By seeing our metrics in Tattle, we know that our incident rate (reviews with 3 stars or below) is far below the industry benchmark.”

The constant monitoring and discipline enables Slutty Vegan to execute at a high level across all operational categories. The brand quickly escalated to the 99th percentile of Tattle customers, maintaining record-high scores against other Tattle partners.

“A lot of times the Objectives recommended by Tattle are already things we’re doing really well,” said Dominique. “For example, our Speed of Service has been at 98%.”

Solution #3

Growth and Innovation Using Tattle

As Slutty Vegan rapidly expands its footprint beyond Atlanta, the brand continuously pushes Tattle across all its units.

“For example, if you’ve visited us in Atlanta but don’t see a particular item being offered in New York, they can submit feedback to us and request that menu item,” said Dominique.

Jason mentioned that the team now has tremendous flexibility to experiment around new product launches and initiatives, as Tattle surveys can be easily customized on the fly.

This is not to mention the vastly greater quantity of feedback submissions Tattle offers compared to mystery shops — Slutty Vegan consistently gets thousands of survey responses on a monthly basis, at a fraction of the cost of what mystery shops would charge.

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The Results


% of 5-Star Reviews


Average Incident Rate


Customers Satisfied With Replies

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