Boost online presence and brand reputation.

“If only I could control what customers say online…”

Now you can intercept negative reviews through Tattle’s private feedback surveys, and automatially prompt your 5-star guests to leave positive reviews online.

It’s easier than ever to recover guests, manage brand reputation and nurture customer loyalty in the long run.

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Use Tattle to prompt Yelp reviews
Intercept Negative Reviews

Collect private feedback across channels.

Before unhappy customers vent online, Tattle first offers an easy, private feedback channel via automated survey emails, so your team knows what happened before the public does.

This has helped hundreds of brands effectively divert angry reviews, and gives their operations teams the chance to make things right before negative reviews surface online.

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Tattle survey via email and QR code
Tattle incident timeline management
Guest Recovery

Resolve issues in real time.

It’s important to follow up with dissatisfied customers right away. Simply set up pre-configured email templates and loyalty rewards based on each feedback’s star rating, and let Tattle recover guests for you at scale!

By having full visibility into incident timelines and metrics, you can easily hold teams accountable and make sure every guest receives the treatment they deserve.

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Boost Positive Reviews

Prompt more positive reviews online.

On top of intercepting negative reviews, you can also set up pre-configured thank you messages that encourage happy customers to leave a positive review on Yelp or Google.

Hundreds of brands have utilized this feature to effectively boost their local Google ranking within 30 days!

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Use Tattle to prompt Yelp reviews

Why Brands Love Tattle

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Go beyond surface-level feedback.

Understand exactly what causes dissatisfaction (for example, whether a slow speed of service is due to long lines or slow food prep).

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Achieve higher discoverability online.

With real-time incident handling and robust sentiment analysis, you can minimize negative public reviews and encourage more positive ratings.

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Personalize each customer interaction.

Automatically or manually address both happy and unhappy customers with personalized messages, so you can recover and retain guests at scale.

Starbird Chicken

“…with Tattle, I know that what the customers are saying is accurate because every location and time stamp is included in the feedback submission. We aren’t just getting negative, random reviews on social media any more. Now we have real customers attached to real experiences.”

MOD Pizza

“Tattle has become our center of gravity. Over night, we went from 10% of off premise revenue to roughly 80% across our 500 locations. Without Tattle, tracking performance, improvement, and positioning the guest experience as a cultural cornerstone of our business would be nearly impossible. We love our Tattle team.”

Din Tai Fung Restaurant Group

“Tattle is a powerful tool to help gain actionable insight on patterns in the guest experience. It’s a great way to better understand the guest so that you can provide the best possible experience.”

Red's Savoy

“The transparency we are giving our customers is helping to build authentic relationships. We were used to getting 60 reviews in a year. Now we get 60+ reviews in one day.”

Tarka Indian Kitchen

“Having an automated response is fantastic. If it’s a thank you or an apology, it allows us that instant reply to our customers that consumers, in this day and age, have come to expect.”

Farmer Boys

“Tattle continues to be a critical tool for us as we proactively set and validate new objectives. It provides us an avenue to get us direct guest feedback, even as that’s been redirected away from the dine-in experience to 100% drive thru, take-out, and delivery.”

Bluestone Lane Cafe

“What Tattle has created is transformational, especially for quick serve brands. We love Tattle and are so happy to have this partnership.”

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Bluestone Lane Cafe Tattle case study

Bluestone Lane

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