Restaurant Feedback From All Channels

Tattle integrates with many POS, kiosk, digital ordering and mobile payment providers, so you can capture feedback regardless of how people place their orders.

Ordering & Payment Integration Partners

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Tattle partner Olo
Tattle partner par Brink POS
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Tattle partner punchh
Tattle partner Revel
Tattle partner Onosys
Tattle partner AlpineIQ
Tattle partner Lunchbox
Tattle partner Cova
Tattle partner Onedine
Tattle partner up n' go pay by phone
Tattle partner Restlab
Tattle partner Redcat
Tattle partner Qikserve
Tattle partner itsacheckmate
Tattle partner open tender
Tattle partner Bygid
Tattle partner Zuppler

Collect feedback from every sales channel.

Be it dine-in, online ordering, delivery or takeout, Tattle pulls the transactional data on the ordering platform to send automated email surveys to your customers, and pre-populate the survey fields with order information.

This helps restaurant operators collct as much feedback as possible regardless of how people order, and makes it easier for your guests to complete the survey.

Integration does not include third-party delivery apps.

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Tattle integration with POS and online ordering
Survey QR code and emails from Tattle

Maximize your survey responses.

Beyond our automated survey emails, you can further increase your survey volume by distributing it through marketing channels.

Our Customer Success team will help you strategize the best ways to distribute the surveys (website widget, emails, QR codes etc.), so you can maximize feedback collection.

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Up and running in no time.

Our integrations make it extremely easy for brands to roll out Tattle at as many locations as they want. We provide hands-on setup support to make sure you have all bases covered.

Once we set up your Tattle dashboard, you’re off to the races!

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Integration Case Studies

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Bluestone Lane Cafe Tattle case study

Bluestone Lane + Olo

How Bluestone Lane moved from sporadic social media reviews to reliable customer feedback that drives real operational changes.

zippy's restaurant interior

Zippy’s Restaurant + Onosys

How Bluestone Lane moved from sporadic social media reviews to reliable customer feedback that drives real operational changes.

tarka indian kitchen food

Tarka Indian Kitchen + Restolabs

How Tarka Indian Kitchen replaces mystery shoppers with data-driven feedback management.

MOD Pizza

“Tattle has become our center of gravity. Over night, we went from 10% of off premise revenue to roughly 80% across our 500 locations. Without Tattle, tracking performance, improvement, and positioning the guest experience as a cultural cornerstone of our business would be nearly impossible. We love our Tattle team.”

Din Tai Fung Restaurant Group

“Tattle is a powerful tool to help gain actionable insight on patterns in the guest experience. It’s a great way to better understand the guest so that you can provide the best possible experience.”

Red's Savoy

“The transparency we are giving our customers is helping to build authentic relationships. We were used to getting 60 reviews in a year. Now we get 60+ reviews in one day.”

Tarka Indian Kitchen

“Having an automated response is fantastic. If it’s a thank you or an apology, it allows us that instant reply to our customers that consumers, in this day and age, have come to expect.”

Farmer Boys

“Tattle continues to be a critical tool for us as we proactively set and validate new objectives. It provides us an avenue to get us direct guest feedback, even as that’s been redirected away from the dine-in experience to 100% drive thru, take-out, and delivery."

Bluestone Lane

“What Tattle has created is transformational, especially for quick serve brands. We love Tattle and are so happy to have this partnership.”