Success Story

How Farmer Boys Reduced Drive-Thru Wait Time By 1.5 Minutes With Guest Feedback

Through Tattle’s powerful causation-based surveys, Farmer Boys decreased drive-thru wait time and improved customer satisfaction across the board.

Farmer Boys Drive Thru

“Tattle continues to be a critical tool for us as we proactively set and validate new objectives.”

John Lucas
Vice President
of Operations

Farmer Boys

john lucas farmer boys vp of operation
Farmer Boys Staff

Our Partnership

Fresh Ingredients, Friendly Staff, Fast Service.

Farmer Boys is a fast casual chain that operates primarily in California, aimed at delivering freshness and quality of ingredients to not just their friendly table and to-go service, but also their fast and easy drive-thru.

Brand Overview

Integrations: Zuppler, Punchh, ItsaCheckmate
Locations: 101
Tattle partner since: 2020

The Challenge

Lack of Visibility into Root Causes of Drive-Thru Dissatisfaction

Farmer Boys knew that despite being the key driver of the majority of its revenue, their Drive-Thru ordering channel somehow had the lowest level of satisfaction.

However, because of the sporadic and vague nature of social media reviews, the team was unable to identify the root problem they should prioritize to improve. Is it the hospitality category and its derivatives? Or speed of service? Order accuracy?

Without a robust feedback data management and analytics platform, there was almost no way to figure it out.

Farmer Boys Food
tattle dashboard metrics

solution #1

Opportunity Rank to Identify Lowest-Hanging Fruit

The Farmer Boys team used Tattle’s Opportunity Rank to guide their improvement efforts. The Opportunity Rank is calculated by how strongly a category’s score correlates with overall CSAT and how much room for improvement is available based on the category’s Top Box score.

The category with the highest Opportunity Rank score is likely to provide the highest increase in CSAT and revenue, if is improved on. In fact, locations that work towards their top opportunities have an 86% likelihood of improving guest satisfaction within 30 days.

Solution #2

Breaking Down Top Opportunities into Actionable Factors

Not only is Tattle able to compute the top opportunities for Farmer Boys, but also it’s able to provide the team with more context with more detailed factor-level reviews.

In addition, based on the Objectives recommended by Tattle’s propiretary algorithm, each location at Farmer Boys knows exactly the number one thing they need to work on to have the biggest impact on overall guest satisfaction.

GMs can even write down action items within the Tattle dashboard that will be seen by the whole team — making Tattle the all-in-one operational center across any location.

monthly objectives tattle

The Results

The Farmer Boys team was able to identify factors that cause the most incidents of dissatisfaction at the Drive-Thru using Tattle. As a result, the team focused on optimizing the process between “ordered meal” to “picking up at the window” by staffing the kitchen with one more person for food preparation, as well as simplifying the menu for easier preparation.

In turn, the Drive-Thru wait time decreased by 1.5 minutes and their satisfaction scores significantly increased.


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