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Red’s Savoy Gains Full Visibility into Off-Premise Guest Experience With Tattle

How Roy Rogers is able to massively increase their feedback volume and leverages Tattle’s Incident Management feature to recover guests at scale.

Reed Daniels, CEO

Tattle translates customer insights into actionable items so we know what needs to be done.

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The Challenge

Lack of Visibility into Off-Premise Guest Experience
With off-premise orders coming into Red’s Savoy at a rapid pace during COVID-19, the team needed to pivot from in-store dining to curbside and takeout. Feeling unprepared by this significant switch, the team knew they needed a more robust feedback solution, since these channels are traditionally lower-performing than dine-in. The team knew that they needed to keep a close pulse on customer sentiments, so that they can successfully adapt to the shifting consumer demands.

Red’s Savoy wanted more actionable data and required a higher volume of feedback than they were used to getting with social media reviews.

“I want to run a data-driven business with real, operational data,” said Reed Daniels, CEO of Red’s Savoy,

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The Tattle Solution

Collecting Feedback That’s High-Quality, Omni-Channel and Actionable.

To solve the off-premise ordering issue, Red’s Savoy leveraged Tattle’s integration with Paytronix, so that customers will receive an automatic email survey after a transaction. As Paytronix rolled out curbside ordering within the first month of lockdown, Tattle was able to seamlessly capture off-premise feedback from customers.

“The ability for both Tattle and Paytronix to bob and weave within the market is huge. They are ahead of the trends and can anticipate where we need to pivot before we have to make any changes,” said Daniels.

The data captured by Tattle allowed Red’s Savoy to see where the gaps in the ordering process were, as well as how the company was performing based on the improvement plans recommended by Tattle’s machine learning algorithm.

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Moving away from social media reviews, Red’s Savoy now feels empowered by the feedback the team is receiving.

“Our guests like to have direct, easy access to feedback. The transparency we are giving our customers is helping to build authentic relationships. We were used to getting 60 reviews in a year. Now we get 60+ reviews in one day,” said Daniel.

The increase in volume of feedback gives Red’s Savoy a more holistic view of the business, allowing them to shift only when necessary.

AI-Driven Improvement Recommendations

Tattle surveys ask guests to rate the specific factors contributing to a positive or negative experience, and uses Machine Learning to recommend the top opportunities for improvement.

This means Tattle automatically translates data into actionable items. Based on each location’s unique feedback data, Tattle will identify their top opportunities to act on that will most likely boost customer satisfaction and revenue.

Moreover, the dashboard is incredibly easy to use, which means all levels of managers and operators can actively engage in understanding the insights from data, based on the permission level they’re assigned.

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The Results

Having Tattle data has allowed Red’s Savoy to make significant operational improvements that drive customer loyalty. As a result, Red’s Savoy was able to successfully recover $145,828 in revenue from customers who might have churned if they didn’t use Tattle.

With Tattle’s Objectives, Red’s Savoy was able to set actionable goals to improve upon their highest-impact operational areas and make the transition from dine-in to off-premise ordering in a smooth and stress-free manner.

With both Tattle and Paytronix working in concert, Red’s Savoy has already seen measurable improvements within their teams, allowing them to make strategic plans for their brand’s future.


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“The transparency we are giving our customers is helping to build authentic relationships. We were used to getting 60 reviews in a year. Now we get 60+ reviews in one day.”

Reed Daniels

CEO, Red's Savoy

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