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Melt Shop Makes Customer Feedback Actionable Using Tattle

How Melt Shop replaced secret shops with high-volume, real-time customer feedback and effectively improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Spencer Rubin, CEO & founder

Tattle is part of our operation’s DNA at this point.

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The Challenge

Mystery shops tend to be expensive and ineffective.

As one of Tattle’s earliest brand partners, Melt Shop was among the first fast casual chains to reap the benefits of direct, instant feedback from real customers.

“Prior to Tattle, we tested using a different number of secret shopper programs, but A, it was expensive and B, we didn’t have a big enough critical mass of data to get a firm understanding of how locations were performing across different day parts and revenue channels,” said Spencer Rubin, CEO and Founder of Melt Shop. “Also, our team was able to quickly sniff out who a mystery shopper was based on the questions they asked.”

Soon after implementing Tattle, Melt Shop’s operations teams were surprised at the sheer volume of survey submissions they were seeing. Instead of getting very structured secret shops that were limited in quantity, the team suddenly opened their eyes to words of a true guest and how they were actually thinking and feeling.

“That was a pleasant change,” said Spencer. “We were not used to hearing so much real-time information as to what our guests were experiencing. It really got the team thinking more so from the perspective of a guest.”

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How Melt Shop Makes the Most Out of Tattle

Leverage actionable insights to prioritize low-hanging fruits.

“We look at the Tattle dashboard very frequently,” said Spencer. “Tattle helps us dive into key opportunities and tackle those low-hanging fruits (in terms of operational improvements) without overthinking it.”

Tattle Recommendations in Operational Categories

“If a particular store has a big opportunity, let’s say hospitality for example, then during the monthly operator reviews that’s the headline of that conversation,” said Spencer.

Tattle’s dashboard shows a simple and intuitive view of the data collected from the surveys, with automatic recommendations of the biggest opportunities in operational areas to improve on at each location. These improvement areas are identified to be the most likely to improve the overall guest satisfaction based on Tattle’s machine learning algorithm.

In fact, locations that hit the Tattle recommended improvement goals on average have an 84% likelihood of seeing guest satisfaction improve within 30 days, and a 97% likelihood of seeing revenue increase in the next 60-90 days!

See how Tattle makes recommendations >

tattle identifies operational area for improvement
Tattle heatmap for benchmarking locations
Heat Maps for Location Benchmarking

Spencer uses heat maps to easily benchmark locations according to different operational categories, day parts, revenue channels and more.

Brands can also group mlutiple locations into regional groups, or other types of groups based on each brand’s organizational structure, and benchmark group performances accordingly.

How operators use Tattle for benchmarking>

Objective Tools for Team Alignment and Progress

Based on Tattle’s recommendations, Melt Shop can set monthly objectives and track progress across locations over time. Teams can even write down specific action items for each objective, and make sure that the entire team is on the same page.

The operations team will receive 3 monthly notification emails that detail top factors to work on, action items, and the progress that the team has made so far.

How operators set objectives >

The halal guys setting objectives in tattle for performance management

Intercept negative reviews and recover customers.

“We really like the fact that we can intercept and get in touch with people really, really quickly when there’s a negative experience,” said Spencer. “In the past, we couldn’t fix those things if we didn’t know about them. So Tattle gives us another channel of winning people’s trust back.”

Besides manually reviewing survey submissions and sending personalized responses, Tattle can also automatically send different apology emails and rewards pre-defined by how many stars a customer leaves.  

Melt Shop has set the goal of eliminating the 1- and 2-star reviews, which has a strong correlation with higher guest retention, according to Spencer.

“Our team is very proactive and very engaged in Tattle,” said Spencer.

melt shop intercept negative reviews on tattle

Improve off-premise satisfaction despite external factors.

“When it comes to off-premise, there are just that many more opportunities to fail,” said Spencer.

Restaurant services are often affected by external factors such as logistics, drivers, weather, traffic and more. This is when Tattle helps Melt Shop focus on areas within their control, and prioritize the operational categories that could have the highest impact on guest satisfaction.

“For us, we really put all our efforts into focusing on the speed of service, packaging, temperature and accuracy,” said Spencer. “If we can nail those 4 buckets (as recommended by Tattle), our scores typically go up.”

While it’s typical that guest satisfaction tends to be lower in off-premise channels compared to on-premise channels, according to Tattle data, Melt Shop has been successfully narrowing that gap guided by customer feedback and Tattle’s AI recommendations within the platform.

The Results

Melt Shop has consistently seen large volumes of feedback data coming through Tattle on a weekly basis, and is able to accurately pinpoint the highest-impact growth opportunities at a location level. The guest relationship that’s rooted in improvement-focused feedback strategy has earned Melt Shop high satisfaction scores in the long run, and more positive online reviews as a result of pleasant guest experiences.


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“It’s a very robust system that gives us all the information we need to improve guest satisfaction.”

Spencer Rubin

CEO & Founder, Melt Shop

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