December 27, 2016

Tattle Partners with Zenreach and Turnstyle for WiFi Driven Feedback

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Tattle is proud to announce its partnership with Zenreach and Turnstyle to drive feedback from onsite guests. Using a URL redirect from a splash page, customers can access a feedback survey without the use of onsite marketing.

Customer engagement through WiFi is a rapidly growing asset for companies and a seamless touch point to reach onsite guests. With 94% of all of Tattle’s feedback collection coming from customers that are in store, companies can get the most vivid and emotionally charged insights while a guest is interacting directly with a brand.

The partnership comes at the onset of a growing trend in hospitality with Customer Experience Management (CXM), the fastest growing segment in the hospitality space. With the addition of Zenreach and Turnstyle to Tattle’s expansive partners list, businesses can now reach their customers through a host of innovative technologies including beacons, WiFi splash pages and mobile devices. All of these touch points offer a seamless approach to the feedback collection process.

Through the launch of this WiFi driven initiative, Tattle now allows its partners to replace their paper driven feedback process, via a URL redirect, which automatically brings customers to an onsite feedback survey. The substantial scope of Zenreach’s and Turnstyle’s network plus Tattle’s industry leading survey completion rate has enabled partners to collect 4x more feedback than its average volume of monthly Yelp reviews.

Tattle constantly aims to innovate upon the antiquated feedback collection process and is thrilled to have a new partner to enhance this work. By empowering hospitality brands to establish their multichannel Customer Care infrastructure, Tattle provides brands the ability to control their online reputation with direct feedback. Our partners can also respond to customers to leverage satisfied or unfavorable feedback and to measure guest satisfaction across all of their locations.