January 17, 2017

Pacific Catch, Eggspectation & Make Sandwich join Tattle

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Pacific Catch:

With 7 locations throughout California — Pacific Catch is a comfortable Westcoast Fish House that combines fine-dining culinary experience in a modern casual environment promoting the laid back California lifestyle.

With a dedication to delivering the freshest seafood, Pacific Catch’s menu highlights unique preparations that focus on local, regional cuisines of the Pacific. Always innovating and preparing “Chalkboard” specials and seasonal offerings, Pacific Catch works to provide the best dishes based on the highest quality ingredients available.

In 2003 two friends opened the first Pacific Catch restaurant in the Marina District in San Francisco. Driven by their shared passions for the cuisine of their California upbringing and their adventures in eating across the Pacific Rim, Pacific Catch opened with a menu focused on fresh fish and authentic flavors. Now twelve years later, the original restaurant on Chestnut Street in the Marina district is still a local favorite and neighborhood icon. And Pacific Catch remains a local brand as it continues to grow, still focused on the mission to provide the highest quality ingredients, sustainable sourcing and community-centered business.


The Eggspectation concept was created in downtown Montreal in 1993. Since then Eggspectation restaurants have become synonymous with innovation, high quality food, excellent service, and a unique and exciting dining experience.

Today, Eggspectation continues to expand with twelve restaurants in Canada, seven in the United States, three in India, one in Qatar and one in Dubai. Each location has the same goal: to maintain the highest possible standards of food quality and service in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere! Eggspectation only takes two things seriously: their food and their service.

With a diverse menu that includes everything from crepes, soups, and salads, to omelets, pasta, and seafood, there is something for everyone! But most famous and popular of all, as the name suggests, is their Eggs Benedict and fresh squeezed orange juice! All of Eggspectation’s locations are focused on providing their guests with plenty of space in a warm and a welcoming ambiance.

MAKE Sandwich:

Officially opened just two weeks ago, MAKE Sandwich has been a project meticulously worked on over the last 9 months. From Spencer Rubin, the owner of the chain Melt Shop, MAKE is a place you can hang out, eat well and take a break from the thing you do. A place you can make-your-own or enjoy what they’ve created. A place that sounds right, smells right, tastes right. A place that feels right.

The idea originally came from wanting to expand Melt Shops offerings but quickly morphed into an entirely new concept and menu all its own. At the center is culinary director Josh Sharkey, formerly of Bark Hot Dog, who has designed a tempting lineup of sandwiches all made to order in five to seven minutes with ingredients like Parmigiano-Reggiano, organic eggs and Pain d’Avignon bread. Additionally, customers will also be able to make their own sandwiches with a litany of fillings to choose from. There are sides like apple-date slaw and a triple chocolate cookie offered solo or in sandwich form with vanilla gelato from Il Laboratorio del Gelato. 

The Tattle Choice:

Tattle is helping all three restaurants with their increased focus to complete the customer journey with feedback before it escapes to public forums in order to achieve the following:

  • compare analytics and trends across all their locations
  • streamline and centralize their website and onsite feedback processes
  • get in front of harmful online reviews
  • seamlessly respond back to customers with Thank You’s, Apologies, Digital Gift Cards or Yelp Review Requests

Welcome to Tattle: Pacific Catch, Eggspectation and MAKE Sandwich