March 21, 2017

Aloha Hospitality, BONMi, & World of Beer Join Tattle!

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BONMi is a Vietnamese inspired fast casual restaurant featuring non-traditional Bahn Mi Sandwiches, Greens, Rice & Noodle Bowls. Each item is made by hand from scratch using premium all natural ingredients.

Named one of Fast Casual’s Top 100 Movers & Shakers, BONMi focuses on delivering items crafted by hand, from scratch using clean, simple ingredients. After first tasting a Bahn Mi sandwich on the Lower Eastside of NYC, the founders began experimenting and discovering there so are many ways to enjoy the unique flavors.

“We traveled all over, always thinking about our next meal,” said Founder Brian Berger. “As veterans of the restaurant industry, our goal was to dig deep into local flavor of whatever city or town we were traveling to. We continually found ourselves returning to the magic of the Bánh Mì sandwich. We craved this sandwich and searched for it in all parts of the country as well as in our Southeast Asian travels. The Bánh Mì sandwich was the shining example of how the purpose and placement of each ingredient can create layers of flavor from salty, sweet, sour and spicy that pops with each bite. As you wipe the first drop of Chili Sauce from your chin, you will understand why we wanted to bring this to you.”

Wanting to share their love of this food and all of its possibilities with everyone was the motivation that created BONMi. They strive to make a great sandwich, or dish, where all the ingredients come together in each bite. Within each bite of this texture-flavor bomb of a sandwich is cool crisp cucumber contrasting perfectly with their homemade chili sauce, topped with fresh herbs enveloped in our toasted baguette as a vessel to bring you the unique flavors of their homemade sauces, pickled vegetables, and perfectly seasoned meats. 

BONMi also offers everything they love about Bahn Mi sandwiches in a variety of ways to please their customers — as a sandwich (of course), but also as a salad, over warm quinoa, jasmine rice or as a noodle bowl.

Aloha Hospitality:

On the field, one of the greatest rivalries in the National Football League is between the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets. Off the field, well, some fans might not understand how two teams that hate each other so much on Sunday afternoons could be as close as brothers on Monday afternoon. For former Miami Dolphins nose tackle Bob Baumhower, the friendship he shared with a few of the Jets led him to his life after football. Having the same agent as Joe Namath and Richard Todd led Baumhower to a 1979 business partnership between the three in a Bachelors III restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale. It was a Ft. Lauderdale hot spot, referred to by Baumhower as Planet Hollywood before Planet Hollywood existed. Everybody who was anybody hung out there.

“As far as I know, Joe Namath was the first professional athlete to get into the restaurant business in a big way. Since all three of us lived in Ft. Lauderdale, we thought it would be a good idea to go into business together. It was a lot of fun, and it was these relationships and experiences that ignited my passion for the hospitality business.” Baumhower said.

Former Dolphin Steve Towle invited Baumhower to a restaurant in Florida that served Buffalo Wings. Baumhower had no idea what he was talking about and thought he was crazy. When the pair left the restaurant, Baumhower knew he had his first restaurant idea. In 1981, he opened his first restaurant on the campus of the University of Alabama. It was called Wings and Whiskers, and it was the very first restaurant in the state of Alabama to serve buffalo chicken wings. From that small starting point, Bob Baumhower’s relentless passion fueled new goals every day and he went on to grow his empire throughout the state…and it’s still growing. “We started with a very small restaurant,” Baumhower said. “Now, we have three different brands and in some cases operate in 30,000 square feet superstores. 

With his input and direction all of his restaurants have wide-ranging, comprehensive menus built from the freshest, local ingredients he can find. From Southern cuisine with a twist to Caribbean island flavor to the finest local seafood and meats around, the menus are always growing and morphing to meet the latest culinary trends and tastes. It is a strong point of pride that all of these restaurants make so many key ingredients, sauces, rubs, desserts, breads and even cheeses in-house. It is just further testimony of Baumhower’s and Aloha Hospitality’s true dedication to delivering the finest food and dining experience around.

World of Beer:

With over 75 locations across the country, World of Beer began in 2007 when 2 friends decided to open a tavern in Tampa, Florida focused on a welcoming vibe and delicious craft beer. Today, World of Beer is leading the unique, exploding cultural phenomenon of Craft Taverns and craft beer. World of Beer gathers the best beers from around the world, offering incredible craft variety to the beer aficionado and casual beer fan alike. With 550+ beers on tap the obsession to offer the best beer selection drives operations bringing the amazing stories, people and cultures behind them.

World of Beer continues its rapid growth with new store openings in Gainesville, Florida and Rockville, Maryland. This craft beer focused tavern has clearly found a winning formula for keeping guests happy and coming back for a new taste of an interesting beer from around the World.

The Tattle Choice:

All 3-restaurants have made the creation of unforgettable customer experiences of paramount importance to their mission. Being able to have an open flow of digital communication between their customers and all their locations fits nicely with this ethos. Tattle also gives each the ability to identify their community of net-promoters, essential to their continued success. By creating a closed-loop approach to feedback Tattle’s platform allows these restaurants to understand the sentiment of their customers and know truly that the product they are achieving across all of their locations remains at the highest level of excellence.

Getting direct feedback has become essential to restaurants with so many other social media sites and open forums available to unhappy customers. Being able to capture feedback internally can help brands retain control of their online reputation, identify top promoters and build stronger relationships by responding directly to customers.

 Each team needed Tattle for the following reasons:

  • compare analytics and trends across all their locations
  • streamline and centralize their website and onsite feedback process
  • get in front of harmful online reviews
  • seamlessly respond back to customers with Thank You’s, Apologies, Digital Gift Cards or Yelp Review Requests

Welcome to Tattle: Aloha Hospitality, BONMi & World of Beer