Success Story

Salad Collective 10X Feedback Volume Per Month Per Location with Tattle

“Unlike other platforms that can be overwhelming with data, Tattle’s laser focus on providing the most relevant insights has improved the way we operate and our guest experience.”

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“Tattle has been a game-changer for our guest feedback needs.”

Jenn Ruppert
VP of Marketing

Salad Collective

jenn ruppert vp of marketing at salad collective

The Objective

Establish a Centralized Feedback System that Informs Actions

Salad Collective (MAD Greens and Snappy Salads) struggled to collect sufficient feedback through their previous guest feedback platforms. Due to statistically insignificant feedback volume from a paper receipt survey invite, their GMs, DMs, and executive team couldn’t identify the correct insights for improvement.

As a result, they didn’t feel confident in making decisions based on their current feedback data.

Brand Overview

Integrations: Olo, Punchh
Locations: 38
Tattle partner since: 2019

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Guest Recovery

Solution #1

Centralized Feedback Collection and Analytics Through Integrations

Salad Collective launched with Tattle’s Olo & Punchh integration in order to supercharge their feedback volume.

Through this digital-first solution, guests are sent a survey email 1.5-hours after their digital order, with pre-populated unique transactional data such as location, time of day, ordering channel, email address and more.

Not only does the survey ask customers about their overall rating of each operational category (e.g. food quality, speed of service, hospitality etc.), but also it collects factor-level details within each category (e.g. temperature, texture, flavor, spice, etc.).

“Tattle has been a game-changer for our guest feedback needs, serving as a trusty sidekick to our operator’s guest listening and recovery efforts,” said Jenn.

Solution #2

AI-Driven Improvement Recommendations

Tattle surveys ask guests to rate the specific factors contributing to a positive or negative experience and uses proprietary algorithms to recommend the top improvement areas.

Thus, Tattle automatically translates data into actionable items. According to each location’s feedback, Tattle will identify their top opportunities that will most likely boost customer satisfaction and revenue. Such data was able to shed light on issues that weren’t even issues at all, giving the management team more space to focus on problem areas only.

Moreover, the dashboard is extremely intuitive. This enables all levels of managers and operators to actively engage in understanding the insights, based on the permission level they’re assigned.

“One of the standout features is Tattle’s intuitive dashboard with Ai-driven improvement recommendations, which provides us with actionable insights, enabling us to meet our guests’ needs in new ways both inside and outside of our restaurants,” said Jenn.

Guest Recovery

The Results


Increase In Online Ordering Scores


5-Star Responses


Survey Completion Rate


“With an incredible 99% reply rate and 93% reply satisfaction rate, Tattle has helped us achieve operational excellence across our brands and individual stores,” said Jenn.

Soon after implementing Tattle, Salad Collective experienced a 10X increase in monthly feedback volume per location. This sets them up for steady long-term growth and customer retention.

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