Actionable Feedback Data For High-Impact Improvement

Giving merchants the power to identify and act upon customer feedback trends based on comprehensive and actionable data collected through a simple and adaptive platform.

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Tattle partners act strategically and experience an increase in guest satisfaction and revenue.

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Utilize the industry’s first ever causal-based survey to collect guest feedback data.

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Target the most opportunistic operational areas at each location for improvement.

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Empower team members to set monthly goals and address operational deficiencies.

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Execute onsite customer experience management strategies to measure it’s impact on target goals.



Change starts here

What good is data if it is just living inside your dashboard? Inspired by Google’s Objective and Key Results (OKR) execution strategy, new software Snapshots combines goal setting technology and a new record breaking casual based survey to generate greater feedback volume than alternatives.

“Tattle has allowed us to collect vastly more feedback than any of our prior partners, allowing our team to finally retain the conversation around guest feedback internally.”

- James Park, CEO

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Motivate teams through setting location goals where General & Area Managers have the power to monitor actions’ direct impact on guest satisfaction.

“For the first time, we are now able to bridge the gap between the data that lives in our dashboard and real-world actions taken by team- we can see the clear advantage in our guest satisfaction and are excited to be ahead of the learning curve.”

- Spencer Rubin, CEO/Founder

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Focus On What Matters

Your locations each require a unique blueprint for success. Our AI based platform serves the most opportunistic operational area based on each location.

“With so much going on every day, it’s imperative to focus on major areas of operations that our guests care the most about. Focusing on their individual needs yields more positive results rather than focusing on what simply doesn’t matter.”

- Fred Herrmann, VP of Operations

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Accountability & Impact

Measure the progress of each location’s execution strategies to elevate the entirety of the brand’s customer operational performance and, in result, increase revenue.

“Tattle provides an essential framework for my locations—I can take comfort in understanding my restaurants are actively working on the most opportunistic areas for improvement.”

- Dan Guarcci, ‘Wichcraft, COO


 Tattle partners act strategically and experience an increase in guest satisfaction and revenue.
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