Tattle Connects with Your Favorite Platforms

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Most Popular Integrations



Online Ordering

Revolutionary tracking of custumer order data on areas not typically covered by in-house CXM platforms.

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Loyalty Programs

Assisting in repeat customer tracking, special questions for your best customers, and additional ways to interact with your fans


Point of Sale Integration

Through live feedback, order tracking, transaction data and recovered revenue, integrating at the point of sale can help you watch the effects with even more detail.


Self-Serve Kiosks

Ensure guest feedback is heard as human customer service scales back in light of customer facing technology innovation.


Become an Integration Partner 

With existing infrastructure built and innovative hardware planned for future release, our open-API allows Tattle to seamlessly integrate across all transaction channels and guest touch points. Internally, we can also integrate into the analytics team’s BI tool for revenue correlation and prediction across locations.


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