Success Story

Zippy’s Upgrades From Legacy Platform to Gain Insights into Off-Premise Experiences

How Zippy’s Restaurants moved from legacy feedback management platforms to Tattle’s new CXI solution designed for hospitality operators.

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Tattle is self-serving and we don’t have to wait to see the feedback come in.

— Monica Carpenter, Customer Success Manager

The Objective

Gain Full Visibility into Off-Premise Ordering Experiences

A familly-owned business, Zippy’s Restaurants takes pride in being a local favorite throughout the Hawaiian islands. However, with an increased amount of off-premise ordering, Zippy’s Restaurants needed to better oversee the takeout and delivery channels to ensure their high-quality customer experiences.

Zippy’s wanted a more powerful Customer Exprience Improvement (CXI) platform that could integrate with their Onosys mobile ordering system to understand what customers think about their off-premise services.

Brand Overview

Integrations: Onosys
Locations: 22
Tattle partner since: 2021

Zippy's Restaurant Tattle
Guest Recovery

Solution #1

More Feedback Across All Ordering Channels

Switching to surveys ensured the team had enough varied feedback to gather the insights required to take action. Not only were they receiving “way more feedback with Tattle than with our old legacy platform” according to Monica Carpenter, Customer Service Manager at Zippy’s Restaurants, but the diversity in the feedback was also helpful.

Another reason why Zippy’s made the switch to Tattle without reservations was that Tattle already integrates with their ordering platform Onosys, which is one of the many digital ordering, loyalty apps, kiosks and more integration partners Tattle has. This has made the implementation of Tattle easy and smooth for the Zippy’s team.


Solution #2

Intuitive Dashboard For Location-Level and Customer Service Teams

With a Dashboard that is self-serving and easy to use and more feedback than they ever imagined, Zippy’s Restaurants now has a window into the customer experience that didn’t exist before.

“Tattle is self-serving and we don’t have to wait to see the feedback come in. We are more involved and we have more control over our guest recovery efforts,” said Carpenter. “We also love the photo wall. The photos make it so much easier to communicate internally because they translate seamlessly into an email. Our operations team is excited about the platform.”

Guest Recovery

The Results


Satisfied With Incident Replies


Incident Reply Rate


Survey Completion Rate

Zippy's restaurants tattle case study

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