September 3, 2017

Tattle Score Strongly Correlated to Guest Experience

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Here at Tattle, we pride ourselves on instantly scoring the guest experience for our partners. We then put that scored feedback in the hands of businesses in real-time so they can take some action against it. Be it sending an Apology Email or an Oops! Card, or sending a Thank You or Social Media Review Request. The Tattle AI analyzes each question individually and then all the questions in concert. The result is a real-time report card for each and every guest interaction with two important scores: An Experience Rating (1-5 Stars) and a Tattle Score (%).

The Experience Rating:

The Experience Rating is a score derived from the way a specific guest felt about their visit and interaction with a specific brand. Because 94.93% of all of the feedback Tattle collects is happening while a guest is onsite, we are extracting the most emotional and vivid sentiment data. The experience rating is based on the 5-star quality rating system where 1-star is awful and 5-stars is extraordinary. This score is incredibly subjective and ultimately seeks to measure the way the customer felt about the overall experience with the brand they had engaged.

Experience rating data

The Tattle Score:

The Tattle Score is a measurement of all of the multiple choice questions asked in a given survey. These questions measure operational areas of interest including food, service, cleanliness, atmosphere and guest experience. Each question is scored in real-time, on a 5-point scale of satisfaction between Highly Satisfied and Highly-Dissatisfied. The Tattle Score is the total of all multiple choice questions scored in concert.

Tattle Score vs Star Rating Relationship

Why Two Scores?

We often get asked, why two scores? And the simple answer is that the Tattle Score (%) measures the operational success of the staff while the Experience Rating (1-5 Stars) measures the way the guest felt based on the operations. So a Tattle score would be impacted immediately if a server wasn’t, say, friendly and attentive. But how would that impact the overall guest experience?

Which got us thinking, how correlated are these two scores? We would assume the relationship of one would be closely linked to the other. Meaning that if the Tattle score was low, then the experience of the guest would also be low. Or in the scenario above, if the server was not friendly and attentive then the guest would not walk out of the store with a 5-star experience. But were we right?

Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient:

Because we are data nerds here at Tattle, and we know our partners use these valuable insights to make smarter operational decisions we decided to put those metrics to the test and bring you back to the classroom for Statistics 101. 

To do that we used something called the Pearson Product–Moment Correlation Coefficient. Which is essentially a fancy-term for measuring the strength in correlation of two metrics. In this case, the Experience Rating and the Tattle Score.

The Pearson correlation coefficient, r, can take a range of values from +1 to -1. A value of 0 indicates that there is no association between the two variables. A value greater than 0 indicates a positive association, while a value less than 0 indicates a negative association.

The Results:

After analyzing thousands upon thousands of Tattles we found the following relationship, that Tattle is at a r = .8 on the Pearson Correlation Coefficient scale (-1 to +1). As sited above, generally anything above .5 is positively correlated, and we are more than halfway between .5 and 1. Meaning that the Tattle Score strongly correlates to Guest Experience.

To highlight this feat, we’ve provided a graph below. Each dot represents a Tattle Score and its respective Guest Experience Rating average, i.e. if 5 feedback submissions have the same Tattle Score (%) of 65, it combines them together and averages the Star Rating of those Tattle Scores (3,4,4,4,5), where the point created on the graph will be (65,4):

Due to the highly positive relationship between Tattle Score (%) and Experience Rating, the feedback submissions of roughly thousands of Tattles is affirmation that we are currently asking the correct questions and that the staff is being properly trained against the correct operational areas of interest. 

From here, there is no where to go but up, as coaching towards improvement against these specific questions will yield nothing but higher scores and, thus, higher customer experience ratings / overall guest satisfaction.

In time, that’s more revenue in our partners pockets as guests put their money where their experience is and return more often!