July 24, 2017

Tattle To Release Customizable Store Groupings

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Today, Tattle Inc. is excited to introduce you to our newest Tattle features – Customizable Store Groupings, an addition to the Enterprise suite of analytics! With the goal in mind of creating the first turnkey Customer Experience Management Platform, Tattle is releasing these features to empower brands to parse the wealth of data we are collecting in endless ways.

This feature was designed after collecting product feedback from each of our valued partners. There was overwhelming demand for the development of deeper administrative features for more customizable data visualization allowing our partners to utilize the following:

  • Enterprise Landing Page: Aggregation of guest feedback data across all stores
  • Customizable Store Comparisons: Create Old vs. New GMs, Regions vs. Regions, etc…
  • Dayparting: Morning, Afternoon, Evening comparisons
  • Operational Trends: Service, Food, Cleanliness, etc… by selected Store Group

Here is a video demo of Customizable Store Groupings:

We are incredibly excited for the impending releases of these administrative features in an effort to bring more seamless and personalized grouping and analytics comparisons for use within your dashboard!

Tattle is devoted to creating the most comprehensive, user-friendly, Customer Experience Management Platform in the industry. These tools will save our partners hours of time and allow them to create any groupings of their liking. That combined with Tattle’s unprecedented user engagement rates of 20 – 50 times more than our competitors, makes this an exciting time for brands to build stronger customer relationships and make better operational decisions.

Interested in learning more about the Tattle platform and how we can help you? Click here to get a demo.