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The next generation of product launch strategy, execution, and analysis is here. This guide contains real use cases from real restaurant brands that have brought forth real results.

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Product Launch Playbook
Product Launch Playbook

The Ultimate Guide

Get A Deep Dive Into Menu Strategy & Analysis

In this playbook, you’ll learn the following:

  • When is the right time to update my menu? Discover the motivations, strategies, and goals that factor into successful product launches.
  • Am I tracking the right metrics? It’s not enough to trust your gut or rely on anecdotal evidence. We’ll show you how to dig in with data-driven menu insights.
  • What are other brands doing? Get an exclusive look at the complete launch strategy, execution, and analysis of a top-tier chicken brand.

Skyrocket Your Menu Insights

Gain full visibility into the strengths and weaknesses of your menu items through high-quality guest feedback — automatically, and in one intuitive dashboard.