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The Counter Saw Significant Increase in Feedback with Tattle’s Causation-Based Survey

“It’s the least intrusive piece of tech that allowed us the highest percentage of people responding.”

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“Having Tattle data was a life-saver.”

Peter Katz
Franchise Owner
The Counter

Peter Katz, Multi-Unit Franchise Owner, the counter
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The Objective

Leaving Insufficient, Uninformative Feedback

The Counter wasn’t getting enough feedback to understand where their strengths and weaknesses were. Without constant and reliable insight into the guest experience, strategic decisions regarding operations were sometimes difficult to make. With seven restaurants, they were unsure about which issues were concept-related and which were operations-related.

Similarly, they weren’t sure which of their unique qualities were important to the guest. The data they had just wasn’t robust enough to tell a story or empower them to make operational changes with confidence.

Brand Overview

Integrations: Olo
Locations: 7
Tattle partner since: 2019

Solution #1

Causation-Based Survey to Uncover Key Opportunities

Tattle’s survey allows The Counter team to identify issues beyond broad categories, and really drill into every element of the customer experience to isolate the areas that require improvements.

“With the causation-based survey already in place during the pandemic and off-premise orders rising at a rapid pace, having Tattle data was a lifesaver,” said Peter Katz, Multi-Unit Franchise Owner.

“Being able to ask questions not only regarding their experience, but also asking what would drive them to come back, enabled us to make specific changes to encourge their returning patronage.” Katz added.

Guest Recovery
Guest Recovery

Solution #2

AI-Driven Improvement Recommendations

Tattle also automatically translates data into actionable items for the The Counter teams. Based on each location’s unique feedback data, Tattle will identify their top opportunities to act on that will most likely boost customer satisfaction and revenue.

With Tattle’s help, The Counter team uncovered the key opportunity with their off-premise deliveries: missing or innacurate items. Armed with Tattle data, The Counter saw that some locations were doing better than others and was able to bring the awareness to the operations team who ultimately improved the quality control process for off- premise orders.

“We knew these issues could be addressed with either training or workflow changes, and we were able to address both to improve this for our customers,” said Katz.

The Results


Survey Completion Rate


Order Ready Upon Pickup


Satisfied With Replies

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With an exceptionally high completion rate, the real-time, objective feedback, The Counter now receives is far greater than any previous methodology they were using before.

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