NEW: The Complete LTO Playbook

Based on actual methods and presentations, this playbook for Limited Time Offer (LTO) performance analysis gives you the A-to-Z on how to launch, measure, and make decisions about LTOs.

Download the playbook today to unlock exclusive insights into:

  • Setting goals for your LTOs
  • Metrics and data collection
  • Detailed analysis charts
  • Case study examples
  • Concrete action items
LTO Playbook Limited Time Offers Restaurants
LTO Playbook Limited Time Offers Restaurant


Level Up Your Menu Analysis

Built on real-world insights from Tattle’s Head of Analytics Alex Kuzmanoff (formerly of Blaze Pizza and Dunkin’), this exclusive LTO playbook will assist your restaurant brand in a whole new way.

  • Are you collecting the right data? See why most restaurants lack key customer data and what you can do to get the full picture.
  • Are you tracking the right metrics? Don’t simply trust your gut feelings — divert to hard data to track and measure progress.
  • Is your LTO generating ROI? ROI isn’t elusive to measure or prove. This guide will show you exactly how.

Skyrocket Your Menu Insights

Gain full visibility into the strengths and weaknesses of your menu items through high-quality guest feedback — automatically, and in one intuitive dashboard.