Thanx, Meet Tattle. The #1 Integration To Skyrocket Feedback Data And ROI.

With Tattle integration, restaurants can accurately measure guest satisfaction, identify improvement areas, intercept negative reviews, reply to customers in real-time, and recover guests at scale.

  • Collect 2,000% more feedback on average
  • Find root causes of customer satisfaction issues
  • Get interactive & intuitive dashboard reports

Tattle Features
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Trusted by Top Brands Nationwide

Reed Daniels Red Savoy

“Tattle translates customer insights into actionable items so we know what needs to be done.”

Reed Daniels, CEO
Red’s Savoy

Feedback Collection On Autopilot

Step One

Guests check in or redeem a reward through the Thanx Loyalty Platform, triggering the Tattle automation.

Step Two

Tattle automatically sends survey emails through a Thanx integration 90 minutes
after the transaction.

Step Three

Tattle collects and analyzes the survey responses and suggests improvement areas for your teams.

An Integration With Powerful Benefits

With Tattle’s Thanx integration, you can increase feedback volume by 20x and quickly identify high-impact areas of improvement.

  • Ensure a high survey completion rate (94% on average) with pre-populated transaction data.
  • Increase KPI performance with regard to guest lifetime value, online ratings, customer recovery, and more.
  • Expand hospitality beyond the physical store to engage with and retain customers.
  • Measure satisfaction across operational categories (e.g. food quality, accuracy, packaging, etc.)

Granular. Accurate. Actionable.

Identify areas of improvement by location, channel, team member, daypart, menu item, and much more. All interactable reports are within one powerful, intuitive dashboard.

  • Get in-depth feedback from your own customers, as opposed to mystery shoppers, sporadic online reviews, or vague metrics.
  • Collect 55+ data points per survey submission.
  • Access detailed reports highlighting strengths and weaknesses in the customer experience.

Set Objectives. Drive Revenue.

AMs and GMs can track high-level objectives, location progress, guest correspondence and key metrics across operational categories.

  • Incredible depth and insight into restaurant operations.
  • Data-backed decision-making for all your locations.
  • Different user permission settings — from location managers to executives — to empower every employee to excel at their tasks.

Why Thanx Users Love Tattle

Hidden Problems Uncovered

Tattle reveals the undelying factors causing each issue, such as whether a low food quality rating is due to temperature, texture, or flavor.

Higher Growth Certainty

Tattle uses Machine Learning to predict how likely each action will increase revenue and satisfaction, so you can better prioritize.

Hands-on Strategy Coaching

Our Customers Success team provides exclusive data insights and actionable recommendations to help you succeed.

Powerful Reports & Dashboard

There’s a reason restaurant GMs log into Tattle on average 6 times a day — the reporting is specific, intuitive, and customizable.

25+ Integration Partners

The Tattle platform has numerous integration partners — from POS and ordering companies to kiosk and loyalty providers.

ROI Guaranteed

From tracking guest recovery to intercepting negative reviews, Tattle directly boosts your bottom-line and improves your brand reputation online.

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5 Star Tattle

“Tattle continues to be a critical tool for us as we proactively set and validate new objectives. It provides us an avenue to get us direct guest feedback, even as that’s been redirected away from the dine-in experience to 100% drive thru, take-out, and delivery."

John Lucas
VP of Operations, Farmer Boys

5 Star Tattle

“Tattle has become our center of gravity. Without Tattle, tracking performance, improvement, and positioning the guest experience as a cultural cornerstone of our business would be nearly impossible. We love our Tattle team.”

Alicia Alfi
SM of Strategy & Analytics, MOD Pizza

5 Star Tattle

"We use Tattle as the early warning detection system of problems. What’s great about Tattle is that it gives you the when, where, what [of each feedback submission], which is the level of details you don’t find on Google or Yelp."

Jim Bitticks
President and COO, Dave's Hot Chicken

Got Questions?

How many locations is Tattle best suited for?

Tattle is primarily designed for brands with 10 locations and more. We don’t recommend brands with fewer than 10 locations to use Tattle because our recommendation engine needs sufficient feedback volume to accurately suggest your top opportunities. 

Is it difficult to get started with Tattle?

Not at all! You will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who offers hands-on dashboard configuration, training, strategy sessions and ongoing support based on your preferred launch timeline.

The launch timeline varies depending on the type of integrations you might need, which our team will handle for you as well. Many of our brand partners can launch as quickly as within a week! 

Who on my team will use Tattle?

Tattle comes with 3 tiers of permission level settings that allow brand-level executives, District Managers and General Managers to access the dashboards that are the most relevant to their job scope. As an improvement-focused CX platform, Tattle is very popular among operations teams to translate data into actions and drive real operational changes.

However, marketers and guest experience teams also use Tattle for an accurate measure of guest sentiment, as well as for corresponding with customers in real time.

How does pricing work?

Tattle charges a very competitive subscription fee per location per month. Unlike most other CX platforms, you don’t have to sign an annual contract or pay upfront. Instead, you only need to pay month-to-month and are free to cancel at any time.

How quickly will I start seeing results?

Typically when brands reach 25 feedback submissions per location per month after 1-2 months, our recommendations can already help you improve your customer experience at an 86% certainty.

That being said, every brand and every location will be different. Therefore our team is fully committed to your success and will help you optimize your feedback strategy every step of the way.

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