Why Choose Tattle Over Yumpingo?

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If you’re here to understand the difference between Tattle and Yumpingo – or are looking for an alternative customer experience management solution – you’re in the right place.

While each customer experience platform has its share of product similarities and differences (which we get into further down the page), Tattle was built for one purpose – improvement. Our mission is for all areas – whether that be a restaurant brand’s operations, guest experience, or revenue – to be optimized and refined. Continuously.

Now, let’s take a look at the differences between these two platforms.

4 Reasons Restaurant Brands Choose Tattle Over Yumpingo


No Additional Hardware

No Tablets Required For Tattle

Integrating hundreds or thousands of new tablets into a brand’s feedback strategy often proves to be a major burden to everyone involved, from the CEO to a location-level server. This additional hardware increases costs, adds complexity to employee onboarding, and creates ongoing maintenance concerns.

The Tattle platform collects all the guest experience data a restaurant could ever want without the liability of additional hardware. This is made possible by robust integrations with any of our 30+ ordering, loyalty, and payment providers. For dine-in feedback, all you need is a QR code at the table, on a receipt, or in a bag insert to provide multiple touch points.


Actually Actionable Data

Actionable Objectives and Factors

Though Yumpingo collects a wealth of feedback data from restaurant-goers, it is not organized or arranged in a way that is ultimately actionable for GMs and location-level teams. And while their Smart Actions tool overviews the operational categories that need to be worked on, it isn’t able to reveal the factors that make it easy for operators to fix.

Here’s an example:

Yumpingo says “Speed of Service” has a poor rating.

Tattle says “Speed of Service” has a poor rating and “Waiting To Order” and “Payment Processing” are the largest contributors to that low rating.

Having granular factors like these help teams to save time by reducing unnecessary data-sifting and eliminating guesswork.

Not only do we provide these remarkably detailed insights, but we also use machine-learning algorithms to tell location-level teams which categories and factors will immediately improve overall satisfaction.


Guest Recovery Feature

Guest Recovery Elements

Because Tattle is improvement-focused and ROI-driven, we’ve built an incident management dashboard into the platform that allows restaurants to recover potential lost revenue.

This gives your brand the ability to automatically win back unhappy customers (who left a rating of three stars or less) at scale – and that can be accomplished through anything from a personalized apology messages to free dessert offers or anything in between.

Additionally, because our automated surveys show up 90 minutes after a transaction, negative feedback is often channeled through our private feedback survey, rather than social media websites.

Jim Bitticks, President and COO of Dave’s Hot Chicken, said his 100+ locations have “seen an overall jump in scores on Yelp and Google since using Tattle.


Significantly Less Fraudulent Feedback

Anti-Fraud Data

When tablets are floating around any given location, data can get messy. Because the survey isn’t tied to an individual check, email, or person, GMs or location-level staff can inflate their own scores, opening the door to fraudulent insights.

While this isn’t common, it can be an issue that goes undetected for long periods of time.

Whereas on the Tattle platform, every bit of feedback is tied to a specific transaction – either through a direct integration with the ordering platform or via transactional information provided by the guest.

Restaurant managers can also flag any suspicious review within Tattle to not be counted towards the score rating, therefore mitigating potential issues caused by fraudulent reviews.

Direct Comparison

In this section, we will look at the top customer experience management features and the corresponding strenth of each platform (on a scale of 0 to 100).

Feedback Volume

The number of channels to collect feedback from and effectiveness of each.

  • Tattle 95% 95%
  • Yumpingo 80% 80%

Operational Categories

The quantity and usefulness of areas within a brand’s operations that can be measured.

  • Tattle 95% 95%
  • Yumpingo 80% 80%

Operational Factors

The quantity and usefulness of factors within a brand’s operations that can be measured.

  • Tattle 92% 92%
  • Yumpingo (N/A) 0% 0%

Menu-Level Insights

The granularity and insights collected regarding specific menu items.

  • Tattle 80% 80%
  • Yumpingo 90% 90%

Guest Recovery

The automation, customizability, and insight into the winning back of unhappy guests.

  • Tattle 97% 97%
  • Yumpingo 65% 65%

Reputation Management

The ability to optimize how a brand is percieved on social review websites.

  • Tattle 90% 90%
  • Yumpingo 90% 90%

Location-Level Objectives

The accuracy and impactfulness of objectives that guide GMs and teams.

  • Tattle 95% 95%
  • Yumpingo 90% 90%


The effectivenss of measures taken to eliminate fraudulent data or survey spam.

  • Tattle 95% 95%
  • Yumpingo 65% 65%

Integration Partners

The quantity and quality of available integrations per platform.

  • Tattle 81% 81%

Olo, Toast, Punchh, PAR Brink, Revel, Thanx, Flipdish, Como, Onosys, Brygid, Lunchbox, Itsacheckmate, Paytronix, Menuu, Zuppler, OneDine, Redcat, RestoLabs, Up-N-Go

  • Yumpingo 56% 56%

Olo, Toast, Mr. Yum, Bbot, Orderbee, Omnifi, Hungry Hungry, Ready, Softpoint, VitaMojo, Ordama, Comtrex, Zonal, Omnivore, Access, Tevalis, Como, Paytronix, Toggle

Top Brands

The largest, most valuable clients of both brands.




“Tattle has eliminated the need for secondary feedback sources, helped pinpoint opportunities to help shift operational focus, and continues to be responsive and reactive when updates to the platform are requested and necessary.”

Daniel Pinneaux
Director of Operations, Snappy Salads


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