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Creating and Managing Rewards

Create new Rewards for survey completion or guest recovery by going to the Rewards tab on the lefthand side of the navigation bar.

Create rewards in tattle dashboard

In-Store Redemption

For only in-store redemption rewards, you can simply title the reward, input any deal disclaimers or instructions and you should be all good to go! Tattle will automatically generate unique codes for your on-location staff to redeem. 

More information on how to redeem in-store rewards can be found in this guide:

Online Redemption

For online redemption, you can pull unique rewards from your online provider (Olo, Lunchbox, Revel, Punchh, Brink) and upload the codes to our platform so that you can use them for guest recovery or survey completion. 

  1. Export a list of unique codes from your online rewards provider. If you have any questions, please reach out to your provider’s CSM to help you export the codes. We recommend exporting around 5000 codes per reward to ensure that you have enough codes for a while.
  2. Once you receive the codes, input them into our reward template CSV file. This file is already preformatted for our uploader. (Tip: Save this template to your computer for future use!)

Here’s a video on how to upload rewards to Tattle: