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Manage Rewards

Creating Rewards

You can create rewards to thank customers to win back dissatisfied customers. Tattle integrates with multiple loyalty platform to make this process easier for you.

1. Click on the “Rewards” tab in the menu bar to the left, then select “Your Rewards”.

Rewards performance in tattle dashboard

Click on “New” to create a new rewards. There are two types of rewards:

In-store redemption:

Simply enter the title of the rewars, along with any deal disclaimers and instructions. Tattle will automatically generate unique codes for your on-location staff to redeem.

Rewards performance in tattle dashboard

Online Redemption:

You can pull unique rewards from your loyalty provider (Olo, Lunchbox, Revel, Punchh, Brink etc.) and upload the codes to Tattle so that you can use them for guest recovery or survey completion. If you have any questions about exporting your reward codes, please contact your loyalty platform provider for support.

Uploading Reward Codes:

1. Once you receive the codes, input them into our reward template file and save it in a .csv format. This file is already preformatted for our uploader. Save this template on your computer for future uses.

Pro tip: We recommend exporting around 5000 codes per reward to ensure that you have enough codes to last for a while.

2. After clicking on “New” on your rewards screen, make sure you turn off “Requires on-location redemption” since this is a digital code, and turn on “Use pre-generated codes”. Click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

rewards performance metrics in tattle

3. Once you click save, our code uploader will pop up. If you’re not seeing the uploader, refresh your page. Here is where you will upload your codes.

rewards performance metrics in tattle

4. Once you upload your codes, you can use them for customer responses, guest recovery, and for survey completion!

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