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Create Questionnaires

Creating New Questionnaires

1. Click on the “Questionnaires” tab on the menu bar to the left and select “Create New”.

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2. Enter the title of the new questionnaire. For example, you can name it Dine-In Experience, Pick-Up Experience, or Delivery Experience.

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3. Then select the type of questionnaire. You have 3 options:

a. “Create From Scratch”

  • This Questionnaire will allow you to start with an empty slate, and create all of your Settings, Snapshots, Factors, and additional marketing questions from scratch.

b. “Copy an Existing Questionnaire”

  • You can copy an previously created questionnaire by duplicating it.

c. “Copy an Expert Questionnaire”

  • These Questionnaires are the commonly used ones already created by the Tattle team.
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4. Click “Create”, and then enter all the corresponding fields. Remember to save each section as you edit.

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5. Once the questionnaire is created, you can find it under “Paused” questionnaires by navigating to “Questionnaires” > “Manage”.

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