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1. What do some common Tattle terminology mean? Such as CER, Incident, Opportunity Rank etc.?

There are some key metrics and definitions that you’ll encounter when navigating the Tattle dashboard. Don’t worry, you can quickly reference this list of commonly used terminology.

2. How do I edit a survey?

To edit a survey, go to “Questionnaires > Manage”, then click edit on the survey of your choice in the top right. For full instructions, please visit Manage Questionnaires.

3. How to change the GM of a location

To change the GM of a location, go to “Account Setup > Locations”. Click “Action > Edit Location > Manager”. Then you can select a new user to be the manager of that location.

4. How to export and download different reports?

You can download various reports in a .csv format by going to “Stats & Analysis > Gnerate reports”.

5. How do I respond to customers and incidents?

To respond to a customer, go to the “Responses” section and select any response. Click “Reply to Customer” and select your response type. For full instructions, please see Manage Responses.

6. How do I add rewards?

To add a new reward, go to “Rewards > Your Rewards”, then click “New” in the top left. For full instructions, please see Rewards Setup.

7. How do I modify the roles of a user?

Go to “Account Setup > Management Team”. Choose the user you want to edit and click “Action > Edit User”. Under “Roles & Permission”, select from the drop down list to modify permissions.

8. How to setup automated responses?

To set up automated responses, please refer to Automatic Email Templates.

9. How do I use the Advanced Heatmap?

You can find a quick guide on understanding the Advance Heatmap on this page.

10. How to change email notifications?

Click the gear icon in the top right hand corner, go to “Profile Settings”. Under “Preferences”, you can modify your notification settings.

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