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Tarka Indian Kitchen Replaces Mystery Shoppers With Data-Driven Feedback

How Tarka Indian Kitchen uses Tattle’s integrations with Como and Restolabs to build a feedback management system with a focus on action and improvement.

Tarka Indian Kitchen Customer Feedback

“Tattle makes it easy to digest it all and take action in a meaningful way to drive improvement.”

Tinku Saini
CEO & Co-Founder
Tarka Indian Kitchen

tinku ceo of tarka indian kitchen
Tarka Indian Kitchen Restaurant Feedback Survey


All the Flavors, But Without the Price Tag

Tarka Indian Kitchen is a casual, modern Indian restaurant concept that’s fresh, flavorful but at the same time fast and affordable. The brand now has locations in Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock and Houston.

Brand Overview

Integrations: Como, Restolabs, Revel
Locations: 8
Tattle partner since: 2021

The Challenge

Lack of Centralized Feedback Management System

To gather customer feedback, Tarka Indian Kitchen tried everything: from social media reviews and direct email responses, to website contact forms and monthly mystery shopper reviews.

While these options provided some information, they weren’t frequent or detailed enough to give Tarka any actionable data, and there was no centralized platform to synthesize the feedback and track follow-ups.

Tarka Indian Kitchen
Tattle Intuitive Dashboard


Feedback Missing the Granularity That Informs Action

At a macro level, Tarka’s feedback collecting process lacked the ability to identify real issues that were more than just one-offs.

This surface-level data wasn’t enough to pinpoint improvement opportunities, nor display trends across locations and time. In addition, each feedback submission often lagged behind when the experience took place, leaving the team with no chance of real-time guest recovery.

We were looking for a platform that would provide us with a lot more feedback. We needed an integrated solution with our rewards program, online ordering system, as well as our point of sale system,” said Tinku Saini, CEO and co-founder of Tarka Indian Kitchen. “We also knew we had to have visibility into off-premise ordering. That was a high priority.”


Centralized Feedback Collection and Management

By utilizing the existing integration with Tarka’s rewards program (Como), Tattle was able to unlock a flood of feedback without even the need for rewards or incentives.

Your customers may be more eager to provide feedback than you’d think, and Tattle provides the perfect vehicle for that to happen.

Tattle also built a specific integration with Tarka’s Restolabs Online Ordering system, which allows Tattle to automatically send surveys post transaction.

For third-party delivery orders, Tarka is able to leverage flyer inserts with a QR code directing people to their online Tattle survey. They also used the QR code on table tents for dine-in customers.

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tattle dashboard metrics


Improvement Recommendations By Proprietary Algorithm

Tattle surveys ask guests to rate the specific factors contributing to a positive or negative experience, and uses Machine Learning to recommend the top opportunities for improvement.

This means Tattle automatically translates data into actionable items for the Tarka teams. Based on each location’s unique feedback data, Tattle will identify their top opportunities that will most likely boost customer satisfaction and revenue — with as high as 86% likelihood.

“We thought that online ordering was causing a problem for our guests. But after seeing the data come in, we found that we had a 93% score for our ordering process, which was a surprise — and a relief.”


Real-Time Guest Recovery

Tattle can send automatic apology emails to guests who rate 3 star or below, and even send along rewards through integrations with loyalty program providers.

“Having an automated response is fantastic. If it’s a thank you or an apology, it allows us that instant reply to our customers that consumers in this day and age expect,” said Saini.

With Incident Timeline management, Tarka is able to monitor how each location responds to customer issues, and whether customers are satisfied with the resolution.

“Recently we received some feedback regarding a situation where a customer received chicken in their vegetarian dish. This is a critical issue. In the past, we may not have known about that until much later. But because of Tattle, somebody provided that response, the manager at the location got the notification and so did our ops team. Right away, the manager was able to remedy the situation, but also our ops team was able to reach out to our manager and ask them to check their stock and ensure their back of house was properly prepared,” said Saini.

tattle guest recovery

The Results

“Whether issues are one-off occasions or signs of an emerging trend, we can cake action at a location level or group level. These trends show us how one location might be underperforming over another and this keeps us all accountable,” said Saini.

Something else that speaks to Saini is the possibility of competitions among different locations.

“We can’t wait to implement customer service front of house competitions. By using Tattle data, we can empower our staff by rewarding them within a bonus structure that is directly attributed to specific people at specific times and that’s something we’ve never had,” said Saini.


Survey Completion Rate


Guests Satisfied With Replies


Lower Incident Rate Than Industry Average

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