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Robeks Finds “Aha” Moments That Improve Franchise Performance

The 100-unit brand uses Tattle’s intuitive guest sentiment platform to set strategies across the brand and individual stores.

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“Before Tattle, we thought we knew what our issues and opportunities were — but now we actually know.”

Mike Pisani
VP of Operations

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Healthy, Tasty, Innovative

A smoothie franchise chain headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Robeks was founded in 1996 but now crossed the 100th store milestone in 2023.

It’s a highly-successful brand that enables guests to get their daily vitamins in a single serving — all without sacrificing creativity and taste.

Brand Overview

Integrations: Olo, Punchh, Toast
Locations: 100
Tattle partner since: 2022


Expensive Mystery Shops Didn’t Represent Actual Customers

Prior to Tattle, Robeks mainly relied on the occasional mystery shops to gauge the guest experience at the store level.

“Those programs were good and served the purpose, but the shoppers weren’t our customers, and were outside the demographics we were serving,” said Mike Pisani, VP of Operations at Robeks.

Mike and the team decided to engage a third-party survey platform in order to reach more of the customer base. While evaluating most of the providers on the market, they discovered Tattle.

“I was blown away by the amount of attention to detail, and the one-to-one interaction that Tattle provides as opposed to other competitor platforms,” said Mike “Tattle’s ability to customize the program for a company our size simply knocked it out of the park, and every day working with the company was fantastic.”

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Tattle Customer Survey


A Partnership Beyond the Dashboard

There were three things Robeks was looking for when evaluating a third-party survey platform:

  1. Customer service: A hands-on CX partner who cares about their needs.
  2. Knowledgeable Account Manager, someone who can both execute the program, and point the team to the important takeaways.
  3. Cost-efficiency.

Robeks found all three in Tattle.

“We need that one-on-one attention from our partner,” said Mike. “Our Account Manager gives us exactly that. She shows me key data insights so I don’t have to spend hours a day getting lost in the information.”

Mike soon discovered that the Tattle team would always do their research to provide the most accurate answers.

“There’s a level of honesty there. Whether it’s questions from me, our VP of Tech, or our Regional Managers — we ask questions that are way out in the weeds, but our Account Manager would always check to make sure we get the most accurate information,” said Mike. “And I really appreciate that.”


Quickly Pinpoint Patterns, Root Issues, and Top Opportunities

Partnership aside, Mike was mind-blown by how powerful Tattle is, especially how it breaks down the entire guest experience into actionable factors. This allows Robeks to quickly uncover the real reasons behind fluctuations in sales.

“For example, at one location we were putting our foot on the gas to improve speed of service, we saw in Tattle that our accuracy became a huge issue: we were getting orders out so quickly that the products were below our company standard,” Mike said.

Therefore, Mike facilitated a franchisee training to make sure every order meets the company standard. Soon enough, accuracy scores improved.

“We conduct a monthly operations phone call, and Tattle is a huge part of my presentation,” Mike said. “I share with my operators our performances and what the ‘aha’ moments are.”

One “aha” moment, for example, was that seasoned employees — often staffed during important day parts — don’t always provide the most hospitable experience as reflected by Tattle’s hospitality scores. Robeks was then able to quickly adjust strategies and see hospitality improve.

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Restaurant Objectives General Managers Performance


Easy Buy-in From Franchisees and Regional Managers

“Change is always difficult, especially in a franchise environment,” Mike said. “I thought Tattle was going to be a tough sell.”

To Mike’s surprise, Tattle’s ease of use and visual dashboards resonated very well with the franchisees, who told Mike they were “pleased to see both the positive feedback and areas of opportunities.”

Whether they have prior restaurant experience or not, Robeks’ franchisees can easily navigate Tattle without much training, and instantaneously point to their own areas of opportunities with no trouble.

Now Tattle has become a key agenda item during Robeks’ weekly operations meeting. Regional Managers use Tattle to go over store performance with their General Managers, looking at day parts, ordering channels and more, and discuss the top issues identified in the dashboard.

“In order to have relevant discussions with franchisees, you have to share not what you think, but what you can prove,” said Mike. “Tattle added meat on the bones for us as to what we need to do, where we have opportunities, and what we’re doing well — you can’t name these things from social media or from the great abyss of the Internet. It’s a great tool to have for internal conversations.”

The Results


Survey Completion Rate


Reply Rate to Guests


5-Star Experiences

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