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Halara Centralizes Fragmented Guest Feedback With Tattle

How Halara uses a centralized view of accurate, actionable consumer and dispensary feedback data for product improvement and client relationship management.

Halara Cannabis Case Study

Getting product feedback is of the utmost importance to us. Tattle lets us understand the first-hand experience of customers.

Lizzie Spier
Halara Cannabis

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Top-Notch Products; World-Class Customer Service

Halara is a cannabis brand that manufactures and directly supplies a variety of cannabis products to 1,200+ licensed dispensaries throughout the entire state of California.

As a small team competing against much bigger cannabis brands, Halara strategically chooses to stay close to their consumers and dispensary clients in order to provide the best product and customer experience possible.

Brand Overview

Survey Completion Rate: 86.2%
Incident Rate: 18.3% lower than industry average
Satisfaction Score: 11.3% higher than industry average

Challenge #1

Lack of A Centralized Feedback Hub

“On the brand side, there are a couple of things going against us about gathering feedback,” said Lizzie Spier, CMO at Halara Cannabis. “First of all, there’s no centralized hub for feedback.”

Across all dispensaries in California, there are roughly 8 to 10 different POS systems which are not integrated across. That means cannabis products’ sales and feedback data are incredibly fragmented. While some retail platforms, such as Weedmaps, Leafly, Dutchie and Jane do enable consumers to rate the products, the categories for rating aren’t consistent across the board. That makes the aggregation of guest sentiments across 20+ different platforms nearly impossible.

Halara Cannabis case study
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Challenge #2

Separation Between Brand and Retail

Since dispensaries are not required to report back to cannabis brands any customer feedback data, brands like Halara are left with little insight into how customers feel about their products.

That means Halara either has to figure out how to collect feedback data on their own, or muddy their data by throwing information together from different sources.

Given her background in restaurants, Lizzie quickly realized that a solution like Tattle would allow Halara to not only collect product feedback directly from consumers, but also survey their dispensary clients as well.


Control the Narrative of Customer Feedback With Customizable Surveys

As a small team in the cannabis space, getting product feedback is “of the utmost importance” for Halara, according to Lizzie.

“We’re competing with other brands with hundreds of millions of capital and massive marketing and product teams…We need to be very in tune with what our products are doing for consumers out there,” said Lizzie.

By using Tattle, Halara can specifically select the categories and questions they want to ask for each product line, and collect data across the entire dashboard. This standardization of feedback has been very helpful for improvement, product launches, and the sunsetting of less successful product lines.

Halara distributes the survey in the form of QR codes on product packaging. Tattle also has integrations with Dutchie, AlpineIQ, Cova, Treez and more, so that dispensaries can send automated survey emails post transaction, and tie customers’ feedback data with their transactional data within the Tattle dashboard.

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Maintain Healthy Client Relationships With Dispensary Surveys

As a B2B manufacturer and wholesaler, Halara also uses Tattle to survey their dispensary clients in order to assess the state of their relationships, and provide an unmatched customer service.

“Each of our dispensary clients represents vastly different geographic territories, demographic territories and psychographics,” said Lizzie. “Tattle surveys allow us to collect category data for dispensaries to better serve them, and bring them better products that fit their market.”

Since Halara needs to interact with multiple stakeholders from each dispensary — from the general manager and marketing lead, to the buyer and the staff trainer — they need Tattle surveys to uncover each stakeholder’s perspective.

These surveys also help Halara anticipate the falling off of customers by detecting any early signs of dissatisfaction.

“We can use those surveys to rescue those relationships and get that dispensary what they needed, which is something they had never experienced from another cannabis brand,” said Lizzie.


Leveraging the Tattle Dashboard for Investor Relations

Tattle surveys have even helped Halara paint the picture of guest sentiments to their investors. 

As the brand was going through one of their first fundraising rounds this fall, Lizzie was able to use the Tattle dashboard to show how their products compare to other brands in the cannabis space. Coupled with other industry data that shows Halara’s performance in terms of retention rate, average customer ticket value and more, Lizzie was able to tell a very compelling story of why Halara is an ideal investment.

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The Results

By creating two separate dashboards within Tattle, Halara is able to stay close to both their products’ end users and their dispensary clients.

The brand has seen consistently high satisfaction scores in Tattle, performing exceptionally well compared to industry averages. Halara is an outstanding example of how a company has creatively incorporated Tattle into their unique operational models, and while staying laser focused on customer experience.


Survey Completion Rate


Higher Overall Satisfaction Score Than Industry Average


Lower Incident Rate Than Industry Average

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