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Gold Star Chili Detects Improvement Opportunities with Causation-Based Surveys

How Gold Star Chili identifies and improves sanitation issues for mask and glove usage using Tattle’s causation-based survey

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The Objective

Gain Full Visibility into Each Location’s Sanitary Procedures

Due to the pandemic, the Gold Star Chili team was forced to quickly implement heightened sanitary procedure that would instill greater confidence and patronage among fearful guests.

With 99% of Gold Star Chili locations owned and operated by franchisees, the team was unable to identify which locations were adhering to new mask, glove, and social distancing standards.

Brand Overview

Integrations: Onosys
Locations: 69
Tattle partner since: 2020

Solution #1

Causation-Based Survey to Uncover Genuine Customer Sentiments

Gold Star Chili launched with Tattle’s causation- based survey in order to assess how teams comply with sanitation policies at each location and — most importantly — how the customers felt about it. Tattle’s surveys were able to ask granular questions within the “Cleanliness” operational category, getting feedback on mask usage, glove usage, or social distancing.

The Gold Star Chili team was able to organize this data by location and ordering channel (dine-in, takeout, curbside etc.) to uncover the most problematic areas and have focused improvement plans.

Corporate executives or District Managers can track the performance of locations under their management by looking at metrics over time, or benchmark locations using heatmaps to isolate best and worst performers. They can filter reports by ordering channel, operational category, dayparts and more.

Guest Recovery
Guest Recovery

Solution #2

AI-Driven Improvement Recommendations

Tattle surveys ask guests to rate the specific factors contributing to a positive or negative experience, and uses proprietary algorithms to recommend the top opportunities for improvement.

This means Tattle automatically translates data into actionable items. Based on each location’s unique feedback data, Tattle will identify their top opportunities to act on that will most likely boost customer satisfaction and revenue. Such data was able to shed light on issues that weren’t even issues at all, giving the management team more space to focus on problem areas only.

Moreover, the dashboard is incredibly easy to use, which means all levels of managers and operators can actively engage in understanding the insights from data, based on the permission level they’re assigned.

The Results


Increase In Online Ordering Scores


Incident Reply Rate


Satisfied With Replies

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Gold Star was able to identify specific franchisees that require greater coaching to meet the brand-level needs of heightened sanitation standards, and monitor their progress over time. This allows Gold Star to standardize their protocols, build a long-lasting customer relationship and steadily improve their satisfaction scores.

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