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How Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh Improved Satisfaction By 77% With Tattle’s Olo Integration

Through Tattle’s powerful integration with Olo, Garbanzo Meditteranean Fresh identified areas for operational improvement and extended hospitality beyond the restaurant walls.

Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh

“Tattle empowers Olo’s restaurant partners to distinguish their off-premise guest experience through elevated customer service.”

Noah Glass

Noah Glass Olo

The Challenge

Low Visibility Into The Off-Premise Ordering Experience

During COVID-19, Garbanzo experienced a surge in off-premise transactions as delivery and take-out revenue grew from 25% to roughly 80% of the the company’s total revenue through Olo. As a result, the Garbanzo team needed to quickly figure out how to deliver the ultimate guest exprience for customers ordering takeout and deliveries.

Immediately, the operations team identified several major pains:

  • Low visibility of the guest experience
  • Difficulty in identifying top areas for improvements
  • Recovering dissatisfied guests regardless of how they order

The Garbanzo operational team realized they needed to quickly and strategically solve their off- premise guest experience pains in order to- build their off-premise guest playbook and achieve long-term growth.

Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh Tattle Olo
Tattle Customer Survey Feedback Data

solution #1

Collect Off-Premise Feedback Through Tattle’s Olo Integration

Using Olo as the digital ordering platform and Tattle as the feedback solution, guests were able to seamlessly order their meal and quickly give the feedback Garbanzo needed through our direct integration.

Just as you would rate your driver after a car ride, guests could now offer the same type of feedback by answering survey questions sent directly to their email an hour to an hour and a half after their transaction.

By optimizing the timing of these emails, making the hospitality feature on-demand, Garbanzo guests were completing Tattle surveys at an impressive rate of 94%!

Solution #2

Apply Machine-Learning Improvement Recommendations

Tattle’s dashboard shows a simple and intuitive view of the data collected from the surveys, which gave the Garbanzo team a true understanding of what their guests were experiencing and cared about most.

With Tattle’s ML-driven system, we identified and automatically recommended an objective for the top operational areas to improve on at each location. These areas were the most likely to improve overall guest satisfaction based on Tattle’s algorithm.

We’ve seen that by acting upon these suggestions, customer satisfaction will increase at an 84% probability. Additionally, having a few action items for GMs at each location ensured more accountability and drove greater improvement.

Tattle Highest Opportunity
Guest Recovery

solution #3

Effective Customer Recovery At Scale

Dissatisfied guests can represent millions of dollars in lost revenue. With less face-time from guests coupled with the dramatic increase in off-premise transactions, it becomes nearly impossible to rectify a subpar experience once the food leaves the restaurant.

To recover dissatisfied guests, Garbanzo needed to close the loop on customer feedback. Here’s how they did it:

  • Ensured team members received automated, real-time notifications of incidents
  • Sent unhappy guests targeted, 1:1 responses through Tattle’s automated or manual customer response system
  • Identified, tracked, and recovered guests while measuring the efficiency of those efforts

The Results

Working in concert to improve the guest experience, Tattle and Olo helped Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh improve operationally across dine-in, takeout, and delivery.

Armed with Tattle’s actionable data, Garbanzo was able to use the platform’s intuitive dashboard to provide their team with a playbook that would get them closer to providing guests the perfect experience.


Increase In Satisfaction Scores


Survey Completion Rate


5-Star Survey Responses

Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh Tattle

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