Improve Dispensary Guest Experience With Certainty

If you’re managing a customer-centric cannabis dispensary, guest feedback can’t be an afterthought.

Tattle uses a data-driven approach to automatically collect and analyze feedback data at a location level, and uses AI to suggest monthly objectives that lead to the biggest improvement in guest satisfaction and revenue.

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3Fifteen Tattle 3Fifteen Tattle factor in operational categories

Feedback Collection on Auto-Pilot

20X your feedback quantity and quality (without giving out incentives).

Measure Satisfaction Across Sales Channels

Tattle sends automatic survey emails after a transaction or reward redemption via integrations with POS, ordering and loyalty providers.

Our open API also allows for integrations with your retail platform or in-house techstacks. Please get in touch to learn more.

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94% Survey Completion Rate

Our causation-based survey design outperforms other survey formats in both quantity and quality of the feedback you receive.

On average, 10% of all orders result in a Tattle survey submission, and 94% complete a survey of up to 55 questions!

3Fifteen Tattle survey case study

Opportunity Rank

Uncover the root causes of issues.

What carries the biggest impact on your dispensary guests’ experience?

Each location can be different, but you don’t need lengthy data reports to find out. We use Machine Learning to rank high-impact opportunities for each location, and link to detailed reviews for more context.

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Dispensary operational category breakdown
Set monthly objectives for cannabis dispensaries


Translate insights into action.

Based on each location’s Opportunity Rank, our AI automatically recommends monthly objectives for the team to focus on for the month.

Relevant team members will receive 3 automatic email notifications per month to track progress and align on goals. Locations that hit the Tattle-recommended objective have an 84% chance of improving guest satisfaction within 30 days!

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Reputation Management

Boost online reputation and intercept complaints.

Tattle automatically sends apology emails (and rewards, if applicable) to dissatisfied customers, while prompting happy customers to leave positive online review.

One of Tattle’s dispensary partners, 3Fifteen, saw their local Google ranking rise to #1 shortly after implementing Tattle!

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Pompt dispensary customer to leave review
Guest recovery in Tattle

Revenue Retention

Recover dissatisfied customers at scale.

Tattle makes your unhappy customers feel heard by sending customizable email follow-ups based on the star rating they leave.

You can track an individual guest’s correspondence timeline, or look at overall guest recovery metrics and set goals accordingly.

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Why Dispensaries Love Tattle

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More granular data points.

Understand the factors causing customer complaints (e.g. whether to change the music, lighting, temperatur etc. to improve the atmosphere).

Revenue growth icon

Higher certainty in revenue growth.

Tattle uses Machine Learning to predict which improvements can lead to the highest increase in revenue and guest satisfaction.

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Hands-on strategy sessions.

Our Customer Success teams will help you interpret data insights and give strategic recommendations that help you succeed.

3Fifteen Dispensary

“Being able to ask customers specific questions about their experience was probably one of the biggest advantages we’ve seen with Tattle.”

Bluestone Lane

“What Tattle has created is transformational, especially for quick serve brands. We love Tattle and are so happy to have this partnership.”

MOD Pizza

“Tattle has become our center of gravity. Over night, we went from 10% of off premise revenue to roughly 80% across our 500 locations. Without Tattle, tracking performance, improvement, and positioning the guest experience as a cultural cornerstone of our business would be nearly impossible. We love our Tattle team.”

Farmer Boys

“Tattle continues to be a critical tool for us as we proactively set and validate new objectives. It provides us an avenue to get us direct guest feedback, even as that’s been redirected away from the dine-in experience to 100% drive thru, take-out, and delivery.”

Case Studies

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3Fifteen store


How 3Fifteen moved from scattered online reviews to centralized reliable customer feedback data that drives operational changes.

Bluestone Lane Cafe Tattle case study

Bluestone Lane

How Bluestone Lane moved away from sporadic social media reviews to reliable customer feedback that drives operational change. 


MOD Pizza

How MOD Pizza recovered millions in revenue through effective incident management and better accountability of DMs and GMs.