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Din Tai Fung Uses Tattle to Unite Locations With Friendly Competition

How Din Tai Fung is able to create a customer-centric culture with actionable feedback and robust reporting across locations.

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“Tattle is a powerful tool to help gain actionable insight on patterns in the guest experience.”

Aaron Yang
Vice President
Din Tai Fung

Aaron Yang din tai fung vic president

The Objective

Fill in the Gaps in Feedback Quantity and Quality

“We lost visibility into the guest experience when we had to pivot to off-premise during Covid. Guest incidents that would have been resolved on the spot would go unnoticed until we heard about it in a public online review,” said Aaron Yang, Vice President at Din Tai Fung.

Without an easy channel for guests to submit feedback, customer are more likely to post negative reviews on social platforms, leaving operations no chances to recover the guest.

“Tattle has made it easy for the guest to reach out and start a dialogue with our guest services team even when they are off-premise,” said Aaron.

Brand Overview

Integrations: Olo
Locations: 13
Tattle partner since: 2020

Din Tai Fung Restaurant
Guest Recovery

Solution #1

Collecting Feedback That’s High-Quality, Omni-Channel and Actionable.

Through Tattle’s integration with Olo, Din Tai Fung customers receive an automated email survey 90 minutes after a transaction, and rate their level of satisfaction for factors contributing to a category’s performance, such as whether their online ordering experience was affected by menu navigation, order customization, checkout process, ordering tracking and more.

This allows Din Tai Fung to isolate problematic areas, observe patterns across day parts and locations, and improve accordingly.

“It’s a great way to better understand the guest so that you can provide the best possible experience,” said Yang.

Solution #2

Effective Incident Management and Customer Recovery

As Din Tai Fung’s operation managers began to look at each review that came in, they feel more empowered than ever to react quickly to incidents.

With Incident Timeline management, Din Tai Fung is able to monitor how each location responds to customer issues, and whether customers are satisfied with the resolution. This has allowed the operations teams to enforce accountability, and have visibility into each location’s performance.

Having a guest recovery process firmly in place has deeply impacted the team. Tattle can send automatic apology emails to guests who rate 3 star or below, and for brands with an existing loyalty program, Tattle can even send along rewards through an integration with the loyalty provider.

Guest Recovery
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Solution #3

Building “Friendly Competition” Through Transparency and Accountability

With a robust benchmarking reports and interactive heatmaps, Tattle enables the leadership team and managers to easily compare performances across locations, and track each location’s progress over time. Moreover, all the reports can be filtered by ordering channel, dayparts, geographical regions and more.

Having the data transparency and a most intuitive dashboard dramatically boosted the engagement level of District Managers and General Managers. Not only are they logging in on a daily basis to directly respond to customer reviews, but also they can see each location’s progress at a glance.

Tattle allows for 3 different access permission levels so that the executive team, District Managers and General Managers have different views and edit capabilities based on the permission level they’re assigned.

The Results


Increase In Survey Responses


Incident Reply Rate


Survey Completion Rate

Din Tai Fung Tattle case study

The Din Tai Fung team now sees a friendly competition between different locations to achieve high scores. They’ve seen almost 10,000 reviews in a 5-month window since implementation.

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