2022 Customer Experience Data Trend Report:

 For Restaurant Executives

Tattle 2022 customer experience data report

Data from ~200 brands shows a decline in guest satisfaction across off-premise channels since 2021, but on-premise channels face their own challenges as well.

We’ve summarized 6 key trends in restaurant customer experience to help you stay ahead of the competition and build the best customer experience possible.

✅  Understand the top factors affecting customer experience

✅  Identify the biggest challenges in each sales channel

✅  See where the biggest opportunities lie

✅  Learn what actions you can take now to stay ahead

Tattle 2022 customer experience data report

What you’ll find in this report:

✅  6 customer experience trends backed by ~1B data points

✅  Biggest challenges across on- and off-premise channels

✅  Top areas for operational improvements across brands

✅  3 concrete actions you can take to stay ahead this year

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Tattle uncovers the factors causing each problem, such as whether a low food quality rating is due to temperature, texture or flavor.

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Tattle uses Machine Learning to predict how likely each action will increase revenue and satisfaction, so you can better prioritize.

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